High School

You can start taking classes the fall semester of your junior year and earn college credit while still in high school! Check out your options below.

Dual Credit Option
High school juniors and seniors who are homeschooled or in Christian schools have the option of taking Faith online courses for college credit and, if their parent or Christian school chooses, for their high school Bible classes as well. Contact the Admissions Department for more information.

Fall Courses  (Updated for 2020!) Professor Credits
B-An 201 Genesis Dr. Alan Cole 2
B-An 203 Matthew Dr. Alan Cole 3
B-An 303 Romans Prof. Mark Lounsbrough 3
B-Re 101 Introduction to Bible Study Prof. Andy Stearns 3
B-Su 101 Old Testament Survey (Law, History, Poetry) Dr. Keith Kobelia 3
G-Co 101 English Composition I Prof. Elizabeth Jean-Louis 3
G-Co 101 Introduction to Communication 3
G-Hi 201 Western Civilization I 3
G-Hi 302 United States History 3
G-HI 303 Ancient Near Eastern & Mediterranean History Dr. Keith Kobelia 3
G-Hu 101 Music Appreciation Mrs. Sherri Nicholson 2
G-Hu 201 Introduction to Philosophy 2
G-Nm 103 Biological Science Prof. Brandon Fritz 3
G-Ss 101 The Family 3
M-Me 101 Introduction to Missions and Evangelism Prof. Mark Lounsbrough 3
M-Me 405 Non-Christian Religions 2
M-Me 409 Community Outreach 1
T-Hi 401 Baptist History and Beliefs 3
T-Sy 201 Bible Doctrine I 3
T-Sy 301 Bible Doctrine III 2
Spring Courses  (Updated for 2021!) Professor  Credits
B-An 404 Acts Prof. Mark Lounsbrough 2
 B-Su 102 Old Testament Prophets Dr. Keith Kobelia  3
 B-Su 104 New Testament Survey Dr. Keith Kobelia  3
 G-Co 102 English Composition II Prof. Elizabeth Jean-Louis 3
G-Hi 202 Western Civilization II 3
G-Hi 204 Modern World History Dr. Ken Rathbun 3
G-Nm 104 Physical Science Prof. Brandon Fritz 3
G-Nm 106 College Mathematics Dr. Nathan Wakefield 3
G-Hu 202 Introduction to Literature 3
G-Hu 204 Contemporary Ethics 3
G-Ss 102 Introduction to Psychology and Counseling 3
G-Ss 402 Cultural Anthropology 3
M-Me 402 Current Issues in Missiology 2
M-Mu 322 Biblical Philosophy of Music 1
 T-Sy 102 Bible Doctrine Survey Dr. Alan Cole 3
T-Sy 104 Christian Experience 2
T-Sy 202 Bible Doctrine II 3
T-Sy 302 Bible Doctrine IV 2
T-Sy 304 Apologetics & Worldview Prof. Andy Stearns 3

Registration Process

• Complete the application.
• Complete the online registration form.
Register by August 15 (Fall Semester) and December 15 (Spring Semester).
• Send in two completed reference forms (not a relative): Pastor/Christian Worker Form and High School Educator

If you are homeschooled, have a supervising teacher complete the reference form.

If you have any questions,
• e-mail Admissions
• call us at 1.888.FAITH.4.U
• send us a quick question

Cost—$150 per credit hour (technology fee: $35 per course)

When can I start taking online classes as a high school student?

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You can begin taking online classes in the fall semester of your junior year. You can begin taking Jump Start summer courses the summer before your junior year.

When should I register?

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Complete the student application at any time. You can complete a registration up to a year before the class begins. Registration must be complete two weeks prior to the start of the class.

Do I need to complete a new registration for every class?

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No. Once you have registered for an online course, you can continue enrolling in the next class without reregistering. If you take a class and then sit out for a year without taking another class, you will need to reregister.

What do I do once I am enrolled?

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Once you become an online student, you will receive login information from Faith. You will then be required to take a short online orientation before your first class.