Why Choose Faith?

For Life. For Ministry.

Are you looking for strong academics with an exceptional faculty? Why not spend time in an environment that encourages you to grow spiritually while building lasting friendships? Why wouldn’t you want to invest a year or more of your life for eternity’s sake? Find out why you belong at Faith and why Faith is “For life and For ministry.”

Invest in Your Academics

Academics are important. That’s why we’re accredited both nationally and regionally to ensure you receive a high standard of education. Not only are our professors highly qualified, but they also take a personal interest in your life outside the classroom. Our academic program will challenge you to serve Christ to your full potential.

Invest in Your Life

Faith is more than just a college; we seek to train you for success in life and ministry. With opportunities to disciple others and to be discipled, your personal growth will thrive from the residence halls and the classrooms to beyond the campus. The relationships made at Faith will last a lifetime.

Invest in Eternity

You may be an engineer or a doctor 8 a.m.–5 p.m. during the work week, but you’ll always be a Christian 24/7. Why not spend this crucial time in your life investing in an education that will last for an eternity? You’ll never regret studying the Bible, and Faith will equip you with the foundation you need to take the Word to the World.