Spring Drama: Pygmalion

Event date: April 29-30, 2019

Location:    Nettleton Center at Faith Baptist Bible College
Time:            6:30 PM (Doors open at 6 PM)
Price:           $3 per person at the door

Join us for this year’s spring play, Pygmalion, a non-musical performance of My Fair Lady!

(Description taken from
Pygmalion, by George Bernard Shaw, produced in German in 1913 in Vienna. It was performed in England in 1914, with Mrs. Patrick Campbell as Eliza Doolittle. The play is a humane comedy about love and the English class system.
Henry Higgins, a phonetician, accepts a bet that simply by changing the speech of a Cockney flower seller he will be able, in six months, to pass her off as a duchess. Eliza undergoes grueling training. When she successfully “passes” in high society—having in the process become a lovely young woman of sensitivity and taste—Higgins dismisses her abruptly as a successfully completed experiment. Eliza, who now belongs neither to the upper class, whose mannerisms and speech she has learned, nor to the lower class, from which she came, rejects his dehumanizing attitude.
The play became famous as a motion picture in 1938 and later as the stage musical My Fair Lady (1956).