President’s Itinerary


You can request Dr. Jim Tillotson as a speaker for your event or conference, or you can visit our Speakers Bureau to see a complete list of our speakers. View our Music Ministry Tours to see where our Faith Chorale and Faith Community Orchestra & Handbells will be playing.

Dr. Tillotson’s Travel Itinerary

January 29 Hamilton Square Baptist Church San Francisco, California
Jan. 31–Feb. 3 Refresh Conference Ankeny, Iowa
February 8–10 MAACS Educator’s Conference Kansas City, Missouri
February 10 Valentine’s Banquet Kansas City, Missouri
February 12 (AM) Tri-City Baptist Church Blue Springs, Missouri
February 14–17 Bible Conference at Bob Jones Univ. Greenville, South Carolina
March 19 (AM/PM) Maranatha Baptist Church Grimes, Iowa
March 22–23 BCP Leadership Summit Grafton, Ohio
March 24–25 Men for Christ Rally Ankeny, Iowa
March 26 (AM/PM) Maranatha Baptist Church Grimes, Iowa
March 31–April 1 Rocky Mountain Association of Regular Baptist Churches State Meeting Colorado Springs, Colorado
April 2 (AM) Faith Baptist Church Longmont, Colorado
April 3–4 Pastor’s Toolbox at Camp Chetek Chetek, Wisconsin
April 9 (AM/PM) Maranatha Baptist Church Grimes, Iowa
April 10–11 Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches State Meeting Des Moines, Iowa
April 14–27 Trip to Japan TBD
May 7 (AM) First Baptist Church Elyria, Ohio
May 7 (PM) Ohio Association of Regular Baptist Churches State Meeting Elyria, Ohio
May 19 Grace Christian School Commencement Huntington, West Virginia
May 21 (AM) Grace Gospel Church Huntington, West Virginia
May 26 Wixom Christian School Senior Graduation Wixom, Michigan
May 28 (AM) Calvary Baptist Church Wixom, Michigan
June 2 West Chester Christian School Commencement West Chester, Pennsylvania
June 4 (AM) Bible Baptist Church West Chester, Pennsylvania
June 27–30 GARBC National Conference North East, Maryland
July 10–14 Continental Baptist Mission Family Conference Ankeny, Iowa
July 16 (AM & PM) Munising Baptist Church Wetmore, Michigan
July 17–22 Northland Teen Camp Dunbar, Wisconsin
August 7–12 Grand View Camp Cremona, Alberta, Canada
August 13 (AM) Meadowlands Baptist Church Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
August 19 GO Conference Harlan, Iowa
August 20 Chalco Hills Baptist Church Omaha, Nebraska
August 25–26 Men’s Retreat Iowa Regular Baptist Camp Ventura, Iowa
September 8–9 Laymen’s Retreat at Camp Fairwood Westfield, Wisconsin
October 6–7 Montana Regular Baptist Fellowship State Meeting TBD
October 16–17 Sunshine Baptist Fellowship State Meeting Vero Beach, Florida
October 22–25 Bible conference at Calvary Baptist Church Chatfield, Minnesota
November 3–4 Arizona Association of Regular Baptist Churches State Meeting TBD