Ministry Placement

Welcome to Faith’s Ministry Placement Services. Here you will find helpful information for getting connected with people and with ministries who are looking for the next steps God may have for them. You will find two categories of ministry here, church ministry connections and Christian school connections. Please view the section below related to your ministry needs.

Church Ministry Placement

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Whether you’re an individual looking for a church ministry or you’re a church looking for staff, we’re glad to help you get connected with future ministry opportunities. Follow the below steps to get started.

  • Simply fill out the application below with detailed information.
  • Next, create an account with Ministry Placement Services.
  • After you have filled out the application and created your account, we will be in contact with you after reviewing your application and activating your account.

This service is currently reserved for Faith, Omaha, and Denver alumni.

For additional information or questions, contact the Pastoral Department at 515.964.0601, ext. 209. Due to limited staffing at this time, it may take longer to process your application and activate your user login. If you have not heard from us in two weeks, please follow up with us.

Church Ministry Placement Application

  • If you are representing a church, please indicate the city and state that the church is located. If you are an individual looking for a position, please indicate the city and state where you are currently located.
  • If you are a church looking for a ministry leader and your church has a website, you may put it here.

View our Doctrinal Statement.

Christian School Ministry Placement

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We can help you get connected with our student teachers or graduates looking for teaching positions. Simply complete the application below, and we will be in touch with you after reviewing your application.

For additional information or questions, contact Janice Stupka of the Christian School Department at at 515.964.0601, ext. 264.

School Ministry Placement Application