Refresh 2020 Titles and Descriptions

                                                           General Sessions

Date Time Speaker Session Title
Tuesday, January 28 6:30 p.m.  Dr. Doug McLachlan Humility and How…Christ Modeled it! The Pristine Prototype of True Servant Ministry
 Wednesday, January 29 9:00 a.m. Dr. Les Ollila Communication in Ministry
10:20 a.m. Dr. Jim Tillotson How to Respond to a Prodigal in the Family
6:30 p.m. Dr. Steve Pettit Taking Care of Yourself in Ministry
 Thursday, January 30 9:00 a.m. Dr. Dean Taylor Ministry Stress Relief
10:20 a.m. Dr. Marty Herron Cracked: When Relationships Need to be Confronted and Repaired
6:30 p.m. Pastor Mike Hess When it Seems There’s No Way Out
Friday, January 31 9:00 a.m. Dr. Paul Hartog Love and Limitations: The Realities of Ministry Marriage
10:20 a.m. Dr. Douglas Brown Steering Them Straight: Principles for Parents from Proverbs

                                                        Workshop Sessions

Date Speaker Workshop Title Workshop Description
Tuesday January 28 2:00 p.m. Jeff Newman Stand Firm in One Spirit—Side-by-side for the Faith of the Gospel Paul loved the Philippians. The Philippians loved Paul, yet the Philippians faced internal and external strife that threatened their unity and effectiveness. In this workshop, we will examine the major themes of Paul’s letter to the Philippians. These themes give us hope and direction as we face our own conflicts and as we lead others amid conflict. We won’t find the formula that will resolve every conflict, but we will find the Person Who protects, directs, grows, and uses us in the strife. This Person, the Lord Jesus Christ, uses unrest to grow us into His image as we live out His character.
Faith Taylor Well Done, Good and Faithful Pastor’s Wife Have you ever heard someone introduced as “my accountant’s wife,” “my doctor’s wife,” or “my trash man’s wife”? Probably not! Yet you are regularly introduced as “my pastor’s wife.” While it is a title of honor, it is accompanied by a pedestal you do not wish to be on, yet spend your life trying to stay on. Let’s chat together about the role of a pastor’s wife— its responsibilities, opportunities, and realities.
January 28
3:00 p.m.
Faith Taylor Pastors’ Wives and Their Friends Do you find friendships as a pastor’s wife complicated? Do people seem to hold you at arms’ length, hesitant to open up to you? Do your relationships feel one-sided, as if you’re always seeking to meet the needs of others without reciprocation? Do you avoid transparency, fearing betrayal or for others to see your imperfections? Join us as we discuss biblical principles and practical suggestions for developing God-honoring and edifying relationships with women in our churches and communities.
Wednesday January 29 11:45 a.m.  Alan Cole Perils of Leadership Every leader faces difficulties to his leadership that add stress to his life. Some of these perils are self inflicted and others are pressed upon him. This workshop will identify some of these perils and offer suggestions on avoiding them.
Steven Ingino Learn to Navigate Logos Bible Software for More Effective Teaching and Study See how the new version of Logos Bible Software can make your teaching, counseling, and personal Bible study even more effective. In a few seconds Logos 8 can do the kind of research and study that would normally take 5–10 hours in paper books—and the depth of study you can enjoy is unparalleled.
Doug McLachlan Strengthening Our Moral Integrity: The Call to Progressive Sanctification in the Body of Christ We all know that we have entered a time in our culture when we seem to be in moral free-fall and have lost our internal moral gyroscope. All the vehicles of power are working overtime to normalize the deviant and demonize the normal. But what is particularly shattering is that some of this moral collapse has found its way into the body of Christ, tainting and soiling it. How can we protect ourselves from moral collapse in the body of Christ? That is the question this workshop hopes to answer Biblically.
Steve Pettit How Do We Change Without Changing? Everybody knows change needs to be made—but it’s very difficult. Can we change without making big changes? What if I’m fearful of change or the unknowns?
Joan Tillotson The Search for Significance Feeling significant has been called an identity issue. We are taught to find significance within or find it in our accomplishments. Women especially want to be significant. We want to make a difference, to matter to someone, to do great things, to leave a legacy, to be noticed, etc. Our culture feeds this and considers “feeling significant” to be a basic human need. Significance isn’t the real issue; the definition of significance is the issue.
 Wednesday January 29 1:45 p.m. Jared Baldwin The Handoffs: Surviving Leadership Transitions During the Beijing Olympics the headline read, “Americans Flub Handoffs in Relays; Lose Shot at Gold.” Sadly, this is not only true in track and field, but also in ministries. Every church, school, college, camp, and Christian organization will experience major leadership changes. How can a ministry organization navigate the threatening aspects of change? Do leadership changes have to be traumatic? What practical ways can believers prepare themselves for inevitable transitions? This workshop will focus on the realities of massive transition and God’s directives for experiencing His blessing during those critical times.
Douglas Brown Dispensationalism: Basic Beliefs and Key Issues This workshop will explore the essential beliefs of dispensationalism. It will also raise the key issues in current debates throughout fundamentalism and evangelicalism.
Tami Herron Enduring and Endearing Friends For most women, there is a cry from the bottom of our souls for pure friendships: the kind that persevere despite circumstances for someone to embrace you and ask nothing in return. It’s becoming more and more rare today to encounter those who actually look us in the eye and listen. Whether you are a pastor’s wife or layperson in the church, this workshop may help and encourage in developing the friendships for which you are longing. “Golden friends are rare jewels of life. Difficult to find and impossible to replace.”
Monty Kaufman The Heart of Discipleship is the Discipleship of the Heart: Becoming a God-Focused and Gospel-Centered Cardiologist In this workshop you will learn why heart discipleship is important to God, and how to make it important to us.
Dean Taylor Can a Divided Church Thrive Again?
Guiding Truths for Recovering and Cultivating Unity
Churches can be doctrinally sound but relationally sick. Differences, self-centeredness, and sin cause division in the body of Christ. This workshop will explore key attitudes and practices to adopt in order to recover and cultivate unity in the church.
 Thursday January 30 11:45 a.m. Marty Herron Epic Generation In one sense, this new generation of young people is like the wind. They are gusting in all directions, causing quite a stir in the workplace, their schools, and at home. Sometimes their overconfidence or impatience can burst out of them with hurricane force. They are truly an E.P.I.C. generation. Join us as we learn characteristics of this E.P.I.C. generation and ways to effectively minister to them.
 Mike Hess Pastoral Tone – How to say what you mean without being mean in how you say it How can we preach boldly yet not fall into the trap of being quarrelsome, unkind, cantankerous, or angry? It’s important for pastors and those who teach to not allow emotions of anger or frustration to drive our message. Our tone in public, in the pulpit, on social media, in counseling, and general conversations needs to be intentionally truthful, yet gracious. In this workshop we’ll walk through 2 Tim. 2:23-25 and be reminded how important our tone is in ministry.
Steven Ingino How to Do Better Study in the Digital Age in Only 15 Minutes a Day We must be prepared to study and share the truth of Scripture to a culture that has gone digital. This interactive workshop will demonstrate how to use the newest version of Logos Bible Software for Christian growth, from teaching and counseling to parenting and personal Bible study. It only takes a few seconds in Logos to do the kind of research that would normally take 5–10 hours in paper books—and the depth of study you can enjoy is unparalleled. Even better, Logos 8 gives you instant access to your entire biblical library from all your devices.
Jeff Newman Suffering Well Through Living in the Psalms
“Why are you cast down, O my Soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God . . .”
Spurgeon said of the Psalms, “These sacred hymns express all modes of holy feeling; they are fit both for childhood and old age: they furnish maxims for the entrance of life, and serve as watchwords at the gates of death. The Book of Psalms instructs us in the use of wings as well as words: it sets us both mounting and singing. Often have I ceased my commenting upon the text, that I might rise with the psalm, and gaze upon visions of God.” The Psalms give words to our hearts, model trust in the Lord, and embolden our faith in Him during times of sorrow. In this workshop, we will survey the Psalms and see how they should shape our hearts in the midst of the sufferings of life.
Faith Taylor How about Your Heart? Ministry life is often overwhelming. The burdens of leadership are heavy, the stresses intense, and the distractions plentiful. The condition of our hearts determines how we navigate these pressures. Scripture provides for us the portrait of a heart that produces effective leadership and of a heart that produces destructive leadership. Which portrait represents our hearts?
 Thursday January 30 1:45 p.m. Brandon Fritz Psalm 40: Seeing the Light in the Miry Bog Ever felt stuck, helpless and only to be sinking further? Psalm 40 reveals insights into God’s ways of finding light while stuck in a miry bog. Discover the secret of how to wait upon the Lord and experience His deliverance.
Paul Hartog Relatively Speaking: Jesus’ Family in the New Testament and Beyond We often speak of balancing ministry and family. We all know that Jesus ministered to others. But what do we know about his family? This session will be a historical investigation of Jesus’ extended family, beginning with the relevant materials available in the Gospels and moving into information from the second century. Along the way, we will share famous anecdotes (such as those concerning the “camel-kneed” James) and lesser known episodes (such as the summoning of Jesus’ grand-nephews before the Roman emperor). We will also investigate the fascinating stories of the forged “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” and the purported “Jesus Family Tomb,” and the academic and popular ripples they caused.
Mark Lounsbrough The Heavenlies: Blessed Battlefield The heavenly places mentioned in Ephesians present a two-pronged reality for the Christian. It is the source of every spiritual blessing in Christ, yet also depicts the fierce battle against the enemy of our souls. We will discuss the relationship between these two realities, and then zoom out to view the larger context of spiritual blessing and warfare as they develop side-by-side in the biblical narrative. The end result of our study promises to be glorious, giving us hope and courage to face the onslaught of Satan as we stand in the victory granted us through the finished work of Jesus Christ.
Andy Stearns Materialism – Understanding Atheism’s Shaky Foundation Atheism is the spine of our modern secular culture. The movement known as “New Atheism” has spent considerable energy mocking, deriding, and attempting to convert Christians. But when you look more closely at the foundation of atheism, a serious weakness is revealed. This workshop will help to better equip the pastor or youth pastor by surveying the cornerstone of Atheism – materialism.
Matt Williams Letting Your Light Shine in 2020: Helping Good Teens and Good Faithful Church Going Adults to Become Godly Servants What faces the believer today ? Three Life Principles from 10 practical passages of Scripture will be discussed . Two helpful training books will be given to each person attending .
Ladies Panel Navigating the Personal Challenges of Women in Ministry Most ministry women have ministry challenges as well as personal challenges. These challenges can be unique to women in ministry and often become the source of discouragement and frustration. The goal of our panel discussion will be to learn from ministry women who have dealt with personal challenges in ministry Biblically and have gained a deeper devotion to Christ and a desire to share how God used the difficult times to change them into His image. With over 100 years of combined ministry experience, our panelists will give you hope through Biblical answers to the personal challenges in ministry.