Monthly Emails

Want to receive monthly alumni stories about how God is using fellow alumni around the world for His glory? Want to participate in a chance to win a free Faith T-shirt in your birthday month?
We have two monthly emails that you don’t want to miss out on!

Alumni Birthday Drawings

We appreciate our alumni and want to wish them a happy birthday! An email is sent on the 1st of each month to alumni whose birthday is that month. Simply reply to the birthday email to be entered in a drawing for a free Faith T-shirt.

Alumni Update

A monthly email sent out the 15th of each month that contains an alumni story as well as alumni announcements about events or opportunities.

We won’t be able to include you in either of these emails if we do not have your current or preferred email. Update your email with us today! If you are receiving the Alumni Update but not the birthday email, we might not have your birthday information. Update your info or email today!