Honorary Alumni Award

2016 Honorary Alumni Recipients


John Hartog II

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From time to time the Faith Alumni Association recognizes individuals as honorary alumni of Faith. This distinction is granted to people who did not graduate from Faith but who have made a significant contribution to Faith. This year we are pleased to recognize Dr. John Hartog II as an honorary alumnus of Faith.

In 1968, in only Faith’s second year on the Ankeny campus, President David Nettleton hired a young man named John Hartog II to teach Bible courses. Though he would leave twice, he always came back to Faith, spending a total of 34 years on the Faith faculty.

Dr. Hartog began his service for Christ in Texas in 1964 with a literature ministry followed by a pastorate. In 1964 he also married Martha Nuñez.

Dr. Hartog earned the Bachelor of Arts degree from Wheaton College, the Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, the Doctor of Theology degree from Grace Theological Seminary, and just for good measure, he earned anther doctoral degree—the Doctor of Ministry degree from Central Baptist Theological Seminary. He has also earned the Master of Library Science degree from East Texas State University.

Dr. Hartog taught the Bible survey classes and a variety of other courses at Faith and served as the librarian. For several years he was also the vice president for business and campus operations. Since he has taught the freshmen Bible survey courses, he may have taught more students at Faith in the last decades than any other professor. While keeping up a busy teaching load, Dr. Hartog also planted Maranatha Baptist Church in Grimes, Iowa, and pastored the church for ten years.

Dr. Hartog has also had an effective writing ministry. He has written several adult Sunday School courses for Regular Baptist Press as well as a book titled Enduring to the End, a study on the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Several years ago he wrote a study of the offices of pastor and deacon titled Pastor and Deacons. Later he completed an account of his life and family which he titled It’s a Crazy, Wonderful Life! The byline is 101 Brief Accounts of the Crazy, Unusual, Happy, Strange, Delightful, Sometimes Dangerous Things that Happened on the Way to My Grave. You can tell by the title that it is quite a read.

John’s wife, Martha, is a graduate of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary and teaches the women’s ministry courses in the college. Their son, John III, taught in the college and seminary for eighteen years and served in administrative roles as seminary dean, provost, and acting president. Their son, Paul, currently teaches in the college and seminary at Faith and is the librarian.

Dr. Hartog, the Faith Alumni Association is thankful for you, and we commend you for your faithful ministry of teaching the Bible to thousands of students. We are grateful for the significant impact you have made for the cause of Christ around the world. All of your family members are alumni of Faith, and now we are happy to make you one also!

Jim and Joan Tillotson

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During the Awards Chapel preceding commencement on May 6, the Faith Alumni Association made President and Mrs. Tillotson honorary alumni of Faith in recognition of their servant leadership since coming to Faith. President Tillotson and Joan have shown a humble spirit willing to be used of God as they invest in current students, encourage faculty and staff, as well as reach out to alumni of Faith.
Both Jim and Joan graduated from Northland Baptist Bible College. However, that institution closed a year ago, leaving them without a school to call their own. Because of their significant role at Faith, it only seems fitting that we make them honorary alumni of Faith.
Welcome, Jim and Joan, to the Faith Alumni Association!

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