Applying for Financial Aid

Step 1: Apply Now

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Whether you are a new college student or you are transferring to Faith from another school, your first step is to complete the online application. Apply now!

Step 2: FAFSA

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You must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in order to qualify for any financial aid, including institutional, federal, or state aid. Complete the FAFSA online at as soon as possible after January 1, using your previous year’s tax information. Both student and parent will need to apply for a PIN at Enter school code 007121 in step 6 to have your information sent to Faith. Be sure to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to upload your tax information directly from the IRS to your FAFSA. This step simplifies the process if your FAFSA is selected for verification. Remember to respond promptly to any requests for documentation from the Faith Financial Aid Department. More details about hot to apply for FAFSA.

Step 3: Scholarship Weekend

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Every semester, we hold a weekend just for those who have applied for the upcoming fall semester. Through this event we award thousands of dollars of scholarships, some renewable for up to four years. Find out when the next Scholarship Weekend is happening.

Students and their parents come to campus, interact with faculty, staff, and students, and attend classes and chapel. You will stay in the dorms, eat with our students, and meet your future classmates! Scholarship Weekend is a Do-Not-Miss event since all institutional scholarships for new students are awarded through this event.

Institutional Scholarships: 4 year scholarship packages so you can plan ahead.

Scholarships and Grants:

  • Citation Award
  • Faith Grant
  • President’s Program
  • Academic
  • Leadership
  • Great Scriptures Scholarships–$500
  • Christian Workers’ Grant–$1,500
  • Returning ‘Student Aid–Did you know you can earn additional awards as you progress through you time at Faith? Every year, Faith awards over $150,000 in additional aid to current students

The amount of these scholarships is based on several factors:

  • Admissions interview
  • Local Church Involvement
  • ACT Score
  • AACS Fine Arts Placement
  • EQUIP Fine Arts Placement
  • Talents For Christ Placement
  • Fine Arts Camp Placement

Step 4: Loans

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Although Faith does not persuade students to take out loans, we realize sometimes that is what is needed. Faith will not certify a loan unless a FAFSA online interview has been completed. It is important to remember that FAFSA is not an application for a loan. It is also important to research loans very carefully. You should look for banks and lenders who offer good interest rates.

Step 5: Deposit

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Once we have accepted your application, you can turn in a Housing Request Form with a $200 deposit. This deposit is not an additional fee but will be deducted from your total bill. This deposit is due by May 15 and is non-refundable after May 1.

Step 6: Down Payment

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A $1,500 down payment is required for all new students before classes begin. This down payment is not an additional charge but will be deducted from your total bill. A $25 late fee will be assessed if the down payment is not received by the due date. Returning students are to pay a down payment of $1,000 by the beginning of the semester. A $25 late fee will be assessed if the down payment is not received by the due date. Student cannot begin classes until this payment is received. Institutional, State, and Federal aid cannot be applied to this payment.

Step 7: Payment of Balance Due

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To help you figure your total costs, complete the Estimated Charges and Financial Aid Worksheet. You then have two options for paying your account:
• Pay the balance due by the first day of class each semester.
• Use an automatic monthly payment plan.

Failing to complete all the payment arrangements by the first day of each semester will result in a $100 late fee. Interest of 12% APR is charged on the first of any month in which charges are not completely covered. Exceptions to any payment procedure must be approved by the Vice President for Business/CFO before the start of the semester.

Delinquent accounts will result in the withholding of degrees, diplomas, and official transcripts until payment has been made in full. Unpaid accounts will be subject to the collection procedures of the college.

If you have any questions, contact our Financial Aid Office.

Additional Resources—for more resources on savings programs—for more resources on scholarship information