Secondary English Education

As a Christian, we are commanded to be a light wherever we are—from the office to the classroom. Faith’s Secondary English Education offers you the necessary training to excel as a teacher. Your education courses are combined with a strong Bible education, all taught from a qualified and caring faculty who will help you all along the way.

Because Faith is both nationally and regionally accredited, our education program prepares you for state licensure. Not only does this give you opportunities to teach in Christian schools, but it also allows you the flexibility to follow God to whatever school He might lead you.

Secondary English Education

Christian School students at Faith can also earn several endorsements.
K-8 Reading Endorsement
K–8 English/Language Arts Endorsement
5–8 Middle School Language Arts and Social Studies Endorsement
K-12 Coaching Endorsement
ESL Endorsement


Jojo Wilkes (’16), Christian School Teacher
My professors at Faith were incredible. Not only were they knowledgeable in their professions, but they took the time to personally be involved in our lives. In the process of becoming teachers, they mentored and prepared us to be the best teachers that we could be. Not only did I feel prepared professionally, but I also felt prepared spiritually. In many of our education classes, we were reminded that having a prepared heart is far more important than having an elaborately prepared lesson. Another aspect that I enjoyed was being able to network and build connections into area schools, both public and private. For me, this was invaluable because it ultimately led to me being hired in an area Christian school a few weeks before graduation. Overall, I am incredibly thankful for my education at Faith and for those professors who poured into me then and those who still check up on me and mentor me to this day. I would highly recommend Faith to anyone who is seeking to become an educator.


Jessie Kurtz (’12), High School Teacher
After I graduated from Faith, I started teaching at a high school in Washington state. I quickly discovered that my professors were right, no college education program can fully prepare you for the reality of teaching. That being said, I am so thankful for the preparation I did receive at Faith and for the professors who invested in my life. They set me off on the right foot.  I think back to Mrs. Gifford instilling in me a love for British literature and fall-themed poems, or Mr. Horner being so patient with me in Advanced Grammar and Linguistics. In conjunction with content knowledge, these professors also showed me the importance of surrendering to the Lord above all. I remember Dr. Stupka frequently saying, “A prepared heart is more important than a prepared lesson.” I am finding this to be true all the time. I’m thankful for Faith’s role in shaping me into a tool that God can use.

Contact Mr. David Horner, Secondary English Education program director.