Local Church Discipleship Ministries

The Local Church Discipleship Ministries program is specially designed for students who have a heart to serve in the local church. You will be trained to handle the Scriptures for teaching and counseling in the context of church ministries. This program equips you to serve as a leader in your church and gives you tools to help you in all areas of life.

As a student of the Local Church Discipleship Ministries program, you have the opportunity to have an emphasis in Christian Education, Biblical Counseling, Missions, Music, or Women’s Ministry.

Possible Emphases and Minors
Biblical Counseling Emphasis
Christian Education Emphasis
Music Minor
Women’s Ministry Emphasis
World Missions Emphasis
ESL Certificate


Job and Amber Akkermann (’12 and ’13)
When we attended Faith Baptist Bible College, it was our desire to receive training that would help us better serve the Lord. We both chose to major in the Local Church Ministries Discipleship Program with hopes of learning how to study the Bible more in-depth and learning how to be effective helpers in our church. After taking various courses focused on the Bible and local church ministry, we now feel more equipped to step up and help out in any area that is needed in our church. The training we have received has given us confidence in how to teach Sunday school classes, give biblical counsel, encourage fellow believers, and minister to all the various age groups in our church.  The local church is a place that believers should be actively involved in. If it is your goal to grow in the Lord and learn how to serve Him better in your local church, then we would encourage you to check out the Local Church Ministry Discipleship Department at Faith!


Jessie Dexter (’13), Assistant Pastor’s Wife
When I attended Faith, some of my most precious memories are of our group of ladies in Mrs. Hartog’s Women’s Ministry Class, pouring over God’s Word in Bible Study. The preeminence of God and His Word in everything we do was emphasized really in every single class at Faith. Now, when I have the privilege to love and teach the girls and ladies in my local church, I treasure that time of intense Scriptural training even more. This world is messy, but God’s Word always offers hope. I can’t think of a better practical preparation for ministry than instilling in students a love for God’s Word. I am thankful that my professors took time to do just that.

Contact Dr. Jeff Newman, chair of the Local Church Ministries Department.