Master of Divinity

New! Faith Baptist Theological Seminary is pleased to announce a new incentive to incoming students, beginning Fall Semester 2019. All students newly enrolled in the Master of Divinity program will begin earning credit toward an expenses-covered trip to Israel their senior year.*

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree program is the standard seminary program for preparing God-called individuals to serve Him as pastors, missionaries, teachers, and other leaders in vocational church ministry.

Admission Requirements

This program admits students with diverse college backgrounds. University, liberal arts college, and Bible college graduates are all encouraged to apply. Students are permitted to transfer a maximum of 60 acceptable graduate credits into the M.Div. program.

Graduation Requirements

Candidates must have completed at least 36 credits while in residence and at least 96 total semester credits (including all requirements pertaining to the degree) with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0.

View this program’s course requirements. Check the seminary catalog for complete details.

*Israel Trip for Master of Divinity Students

Starting  July 2019, students enrolled in the Master of Divinity program can earn credits toward an expenses-covered trip to Israel. FBTS will cover the major expenses of the Israel trip, including airfare, accommodations, transportation, and the majority of meals. Students can take the trip as a course or as a capstone experience to the Master of Divinity program.

How the Program Works

Accumulating Credit toward the Trip
With each credit successfully completed at FBTS, M.Div. students accumulate credit towards the trip. For example, if 100% of the M.Div. credits are successfully completed at FBTS, then 100% of the Israel trip expense is covered. If a student only completes 50% of the M.Div. credits at FBTS, then only 50% of the trip expenses will be covered. In the last case, the student must pay for the remaining balance of the trip.

Applying for the Trip
Students must participate in the Israel trip in the final semester in which they graduate from the Master of Divinity program. To reserve a spot on the Israel trip, students must apply to participate in the trip by August 31 of the year of their graduation. Late applications may not be accepted, depending on space on the tour.

Exceptions and Details

  • There may be some expenses related to the trip that students will be expected to pay. For example, students may need to pay for their own passports and visas, transportation within the U.S., and some meals on the trip. Only expenses covered in a typical tourist trip to Israel are covered by FBTS.
  • Students who elect to take the Israel trip as an M.Div. elective class will need to pay for the course tuition. FBTS will not cover tuition for the course.
  • Only credits taken at FBTS in the Master of Divinity program count towards the trip. Students enrolled in a Master of Arts program at FBTS do not accumulate credit toward the trip.
  • Only Master of Divinity students who graduate from FBTS may participate.
  • Credits earned toward the Israel trip is non-transferable to another person and has no redeemable value. Credits toward the trip expires if the student does not participate in the Israel trip in the semester of graduation.
  • Students who receive employee tuition discounts, such as Faith employees and family members of Faith employees, are excluded from this offer.
  • Appeals to these policies can be made to the Seminary Dean. He may consult the Administrative Council in certain cases.