Master of Arts in Religion

The Master of Arts in Religion degree is designed for the liberal arts college graduate. This degree gives students a better understanding of the Scripture to aid them in their service for Christ as lay leaders in their churches.

Admission Requirements

An undergraduate Bachelor’s degree is required for admission to the M.A.R. program. Students are permitted to transfer a maximum of 6 acceptable graduate credits into the M.A.R. program.

Graduation Requirements

A candidate in the M.A.R. program must complete 32 hours of graduate study (including all requirements pertaining to the degree) with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.

M.A.R. by Module and Online Courses

Students may complete the M.A.R. degree in residence, or they may complete the degree without relocating to the Ankeny area by taking a combination of module and online courses. After completing 9 credits, module/online students must apply to a degree program and be assigned a resident faculty advisor.

View this program’s course requirements. Check the seminary catalog for complete details.