Doctor of Ministry

Advanced Spiritual, Academic, and  Professional Training.

The Doctor of Ministry degree from Faith Baptist Theological Seminary is the gold standard for ministry preparation.  In a world filled with spiritual-warfare, the soldier must be fully prepared for battle–both in ministry and in his personal walk with Christ (Ephesians 6:11-13).

The Doctor of Ministry degree is a fully accredited, cohort program designed to provide an advanced understanding of Biblical, theological, and historical truths of God’s Word and to spiritually enhance your relationship with God through intense discipleship training.

Highlights of the Doctor of Ministry at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary:

  • Affordable: Finish your DMin degree for only $12,800*
  • Graduate-level research which will equip you for a lifetime of effective ministry
  • Skills training in the areas of preaching, teaching, discipleship, and counseling
  • Two emphases available:
    –Expository Preaching
    –Shepherding and Discipleship
  • 3-year track
    2 years of classwork, followed by a Doctor of Ministry Project
  • Only need to be on campus twice (4 weeks total).

*Special introductory offer: 25% off the $12,800 price for the first cohort class!  Space is limited. Apply today!

Program Goals

♦ Demonstrate advanced competencies in ministerial skills
♦ Demonstrate research and writing capability at the doctoral level
♦ Demonstrate advanced understanding of the nature and purpose of ministry
♦ Demonstrate growth in spiritual maturity and professional ethics


Dr. Douglas Brown--Dr. Douglas Brown is the Dean of Faith Baptist Theological Seminary.  He holds his M.Div. from Central Baptist Seminary and a Ph.D. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  Dr. Brown has extensive ministry experience as a youth pastor and assistant pastor.

Dr. Daniel Brown--Dr. Daniel Brown holds his M.Div, Th.M. from Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary and his D.Min. from Westminster Theological Seminary.  Dr. Brown has a wide range of pastoral experience (youth, assistant, and senior) at churches across the United States.

Year One Jan-Mar Online Core  Course
June (2 weeks) On-Campus Core Course
June (2 weeks) On-Campus Core Course
Year Two Jan-Mar Online Emphasis Course
June (2 weeks) On-Campus Emphasis Course
June (2 weeks) On-Campus Emphasis Course
Year Three Major Project Distant Mentoring
Years Four and Five (If needed) Major Project Continuation

Admissions Requirements and Procedures

  1. Masters Degree — The Doctor of Ministry program is intended for persons who have completed a Master of Divinity (or its educational equivalent). Applicants with a Master of Arts and a minimum of 60 master level credits may apply for consideration for entrance into the program. Applicants must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher for their master’s academic training.
  2. Three years of full-time ministry (minimum)–The Doctor of Ministry program is intended for those who have engaged in substantial ministerial leadership. Applicants must have a minimum of three-year experience.
  3. Currently in full-time ministry—Doctor of Ministry applicants must be serving in a current ministry position.
  4. Church approval and recommendation—Doctor of Ministry applicants must provide adequate approval and consent from their current ministry.

All Doctor of Ministry applicants will be reviewed by the Doctor of Ministry Admissions Committee, comprised of the seminary academic dean, the director of the D.Min. program, the registrar, and a representative from the admissions department. D.Min. Admission Committee members will review each applicant’s academic and professional record, research paper submission, and references.

Academically, we expect D.Min. applicants to have M.Div. competencies in five basic areas (as reflected in FBTS’s M.Div. program goals): 1) biblical languages (Greek and/or Hebrew), 2) biblical studies, 3) systematic theology, 4) historical theology, and 5) practical theology. In the event a D.Min. applicant falls short of these academic competencies, the Doctor of Ministry Admissions Committee may admit the applicant conditional upon completion of further masters level coursework.

Applicants with unaccredited undergraduate and/or graduate degrees will be reviewed to assure their training meets academic standards. In some cases, applicants may be required to complete remedial Master’s level courses to demonstrate academic competencies before being admitted into the D.Min. In other cases, applicants may demonstrate M.Div. level academic competencies through other avenues such as qualifying exams, independent research, and professional tested experience. Each applicant will be considered on an individual basis.

Because the D.Min. program uses a cohort approach, transferring credits into the program is generally not accepted. In rare situations, transfer requests may be made to the Director of the D.Min. program and evaluated on a case-by-case situation. If accepted, transfer credits are limited to one course in the program.

Financial Information

Regular Tuition Rate: $1,600 per unit

Year One 3 units Cost: $4,800
Year Two 3 units Cost: $4,800
Year Three 2 units Cost: $3,200
Total: $12,800

Payment options:

  • Annual payment: Students may pay annually for a 5% discount.
  • Class payment: Students may pay for units at class time.
  • Monthly payment plan: Students may pay for the program on a monthly payment plan


  • Application fee:              $45
  • Continuation fee:           $500 per semester (beyond year three)
  • On-campus housing:     $100 per week
  • Graduation:                     $90


Ephesians 6:11-18. 
Fully equipping workers to take the Word to the World.