Part-Time Music Administrative Assistant

FBBC&TS is seeking to employ a part-time administrative assistant for the Music Department. This position will remain open until filled.


  1. Carefully read  FBBC&TS’s foundational documents.
  2. Complete and submit your application and resume to Christopher Ellis at


  • Assist the music faculty with academic functions, such as grading, recording attendance, and preparing course materials.
  • Assist the Music Department in scheduling music for chapel and other events, both on- and off-campus, scheduling concerts for traveling ensembles, and scheduling music department facilities.
  • Maintain the music library.
  • Complete other duties as assigned.


Convictions and Character/Religious Qualifications

FBBC&TS seeks to maintain its theological and ecclesiastical identity as a fundamental Baptist institution of higher education. Therefore, we seek only to employ faculty whose beliefs, lifestyle, and convictions align with FBBC&TS’s religious positions. As such, all applicants must meet the following expectations:

  • Applicants must agree without mental reservation with FBBC&TS’s foundational documents.
  • Applicants must be fundamental Baptists in their beliefs and practice.
  • Applicants must adhere to biblical standards of morality and living.
  • Applicants and/or their spouses must not be or ever have been divorced.

Education and Experience Qualifications

  • Associate of Arts in Office Administration or equivalent.
  • Previous experience in office work preferred.
  • Good oral and written communication skills required.
  • Musical knowledge is helpful but not required.
  • Should be proficient in using office software applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.