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A Chorale of Encouragement

The Faith Chorale spent Spring Break in the great state of Michigan, ministering to seven churches in six days. They also made a stop in Muscatine, Iowa, on the way out, and a stop in Iowa City, Iowa, on the way back. The theme of this year’s tour was Encourage One Another.

Throughout the trip, the  Chorale encouraged church leaders and congregations with their singing and were in-turn encouraged by the churches they were ministering to, and also each other.

You can be encouraged by the Chorale’s ministry at Faith Baptist Bible College on Friday, April 12, 2019, with the annual spring concert in the Nettleton Center at 7:00 p.m. Visit our events page at for more details!

Here is a list of encouraging testimonies from tour members following their tour through Michigan:

Noah Branum: Chorale was so refreshing, spiritually.  It was so rich to be a part of this team and spend the week worshipping God and seeking to encourage those that came.  I came out of the week encouraged and with a full heart.  God is so good!

Brianna Carroll: My favorite thing about Chorale tour is the many opportunities we all had to grow closer as brothers and sisters in Christ by pouring our hearts out in worship before God and encouraging the body of Christ through our praise to Him.  At the end of tour, we were all a family because we had become united in one goal: glorifying Christ through sharing the gospel.

Kyle Cline: I was so encouraged by how God has designed the body of Christ to function.  It was great to see how God used the Chorale to build up not only the local churches but also us as a Chorale family.  The body of Christ is truly a beautiful gift to all believers.

Michaela Crider: This year the Chorale set out to encourage the body of Christ in four distinct areas: in praise, in the gospel, in God’s sovereignty, and in hope for the future.  It was a blessing to participate in this ministry, both in encouraging churches and other members of the Chorale.  It was an experience that was equally refreshing and stretching for my walk.

Ben DeFord: It was a blessing to spend time ministering alongside the other Chorale members and to spend time in the homes of our gracious hosts.  God gave us just enough energy for every concert!

Max Detzel: Chorale tour was such a blessing to me.  Each day we took time for devotions and looked at the lyrics of the songs we sang.  This was such an encouragement to my life because it helped me to see the character of God through the songs we sang.  Learning more of God’s sovereignty and love through the music could not have come at a more perfect time in my life.

Jenni Farrell: Tour this year was such a blessing!  I have never seen so much spiritual growth happen in my life and in everyone else’s lives in ten days.  God did an amazing work over tour!

Josiah Genung: God’s sovereignty was so clearly evident on tour.  It was no mere coincidence that Dr. Van chose the songs that he did, that churches were struggling with such things as fit the theme of our songs, and that we students would be so deeply encouraged by the promises of God in song.  Few things have so moved me as the hand of God working in the lives of His children through His Word, through songs, and through their brothers and sisters in the faith.

Gabby Gerber: The best part of tour for me was becoming very close and being unified with my team.  I have never before felt such love and appreciation from and for a group of people before.  We pray for each other and share each other’s burdens, and that is a huge blessing to me.

Karis Giegerich: Chorale is such a blessing to me to be involved in as a member.  It is so neat to sing together the truths from God’s Word with passion and see the faces of the congregations.  They are always encouraged by the music, and we were told by the people that they could tell we love the Lord.

Samuel Hanson: I am blessed for the opportunity that Chorale has given me.  The friends/family that I have in Chorale I will be friends with for life.  Seeing the impact that the Chorale had was a very comforting sight to behold.  It is not always the big things that are a blessing, but also the little things.

Lucas Jenks: It was amazing to see the encouragement that we gave the believers in the churches.  It was encouraging to me to see the smiling, yet tearful eyes of many people.  The joy of the Lord is beautiful to see.

Timothy King: It was a blessing to get to know other members of Chorale and to put into practice the admonition to encourage one another.  Because we bore one another’s burdens, it brought the music to life in a wonderful way.

Gracelynn McCoy: God uses Chorale tour to encourage me to be excited about eternity.  Three of our songs, All Shall Be Amen and Alleluia, It Is Not Death to Die, and I Will Rise especially moved my heart to look towards eternity with fresh eyes.  I am so excited to one day spend eternity with Christ, praising and loving Him forever.

Evan McKinney: Very few things at Faith are as encouraging and spiritually stretching as Chorale tour.  I never leave tour wishing that I could have done more.  Doc and the Chorale team promote a Christ-like atmosphere that is rare among college students.

Caitlin Meaker: My greatest blessing through Chorale tour was the encouragement of the group itself.  Even with all of us dealing with our own personal struggles, God was able to work in all of us in unity to praise Him.

Emma Pedersen: One major blessing of Chorale tour for me was getting the chance to know all of the Chorale members better.  Every member of the team was so encouraging the entire tour, and I am so grateful for the time that we all got to spend together!  I am so thankful to God for placing me in Chorale with all of these people.

Anna Plorins: I was so encouraged to meet so many believers from so many churches and backgrounds.  God’s plan for His people is so much bigger than I can imagine.

Tyler Poole: There is nothing quite like being a part of a ministry team such as the Chorale.  Working together as fellow believers to minister to many churches was a spiritual encouragement to me personally.

Bethany Roberts: Chorale tour has been such a blessing to me in so many ways.  I love that it is a spiritually refreshing time as we minister to the churches and sing praise to the Lord.  I have also made many friendships that will last a lifetime!  I am so grateful for the work God has done in my life through Chorale!

Logan Scheps: God was the center of focus throughout the entire tour, and that was very encouraging to me.  Singing of the great truths of God and His love for us throughout the tour was moving and helped me greatly in my personal walk with God.

Josiah Schofield: Chorale tour has been a huge blessing in my life during my year at Faith.  It has taught me of the joy of singing truth to the church.  It increased my musical ability as well as the way I meditate on the meaning of the text of the music.  It was an extremely fun time with great comradery with my fellow Chorale members.  Chorale led me to make important changes in my devotional life.

Lyndi Shepard: God used this tour to impress upon me the significance of His character.  The depths of the songs we sang helped me to stand in awe and reverence of who my God is.

Alicia Smith: I was extremely blessed by the other members of Chorale while on tour this year.  It was so amazing to see the body of Christ come together and “Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep,” as we are called to do.  God’s love was made so evident to me through the other members of Chorale.

Jacob Stilwell: Getting to know our brothers and sisters in Christ.  You start off only talking to a few people, but by the end, you are talking to everybody.  It is so awesome to see how God works in our Chorale family.

Luke Streblow: Just as Christ, when He left, sent the Holy Spirit as a comforter, we who share that same Holy Spirit served to comfort one another.  We shared our mutual woes and our mutual burdens bore, and in that, Encouraged One Another.

Anna Tebbenkamp: The theme of our program this tour was “Encourage One Another,” and that is an accurate description of this year’s tour.  There were many difficulties and unexpected challenges throughout the trip, but every single day I was reminded through song of the character of my God, what He did for me through His Son, His sovereignty over every detail of my life, and the eternal hope I have through Him.  Every day I was encouraged by our study from God’s Word and prayer time together.  Tour was tiring physically, but deeply encouraging spiritually.

Seth Thompson: I loved the godly fellowship that took place over our ministry tour.  Being able to build and deepen friendships with fellow believers while we all were encouraging others through song was truly a blessing.  I am so thankful for the fellowship we all share in Christ!

Kara Walton: It was a blessing to watch the unity grow throughout the week.  We faced a lot of discouragement as a group, and to watch the Chorale come around each other in support and love was both a blessing and a challenge.