You may choose the Local Church Ministries minor in the Biblical Studies or Local Church Ministries programs. (In the Local Church Ministries program this minor is called Christian Education.) The Biblical Studies major/Local Church Ministries minor gives you an expanded Bible program with a full complement of teaching courses so you are prepared to serve in a church as a teacher or ministry leader. The Local Church Ministries major/Christian Education minor equips you to be a specialist in local church ministry.


Ministry Opportunities


Ministry Opportunities

A minor in Local Church Ministries will open up to you a variety of opportunities to serve in your church. You will be equipped to be a leader and teacher in your Sunday School, adult Bible fellowship, children's ministry, or youth ministry. Since the Lord is working today primarily through local churches, you will be prepared to serve in the heart of God's program.



Local Church Ministries Minor
Churches today need trained and experienced leaders for their educational programs. If you sense this is how God wants you to serve, you may choose this minor in the Biblical Studies program. This minor gives you an expanded Bible program with a full complement of teaching courses so you are prepared to serve in a church as a teacher or ministry leader. If you desire to be used of God in your local church, consider pursuing this minor. You will find you are equipped for a lifetime of service for Christ.




M-LC 201 Introduction to Local Church Ministries (2) An introduction to the field of local church ministries with an emphasis on the Biblical foundation of teaching. Attention is given to the different teaching ministries in a church and the development of a Biblical philosophy of local church ministries.


M-LC 202 Principles of Bible Teaching (3) A study of the principles and procedures of teaching the Bible effectively in a church setting. The focus of the course is on the preparation of a Bible lesson utilizing a written lesson plan.


M-LC 301 Christian Education of Children (2) A study of the principles and procedures of teaching children in church ministries. The course examines the characteristics of children and the skills involved in effectively teaching them. Prerequisite: M-LC 202 Principles of Bible Teaching


M-LC 308 Administering Christian Education (2) An examination of the principles and procedures involved in leading a church educational program as a pastor, youth pastor, or ministry leader. Special attention is given to the recruitment, training, and motivating of workers and to the management of an educational program.


M-LC 400 Local Church Ministries Internship (0) The student, under the supervision of a church teacher or leader, utilizes his or her training in the Local Church Ministries Department to teach in a church ministry or evaluate and lead a church educational program.


M-LC 416 Christian Education of Adults (2) A study of the principles and procedures of adult Christian education with a special focus on the Adult Bible Fellowship (Sunday School class). Attention is also given to organizing and growing an adult class and effective ways of teaching adults. Prerequisite: M-LC 202 Principles of Bible Teaching

In addition to these courses, the student takes five hours of electives in either Biblical Counseling or Women's Ministry.




Don Anderson, Th.M.
Chair, Department
of Local Church Ministries

964.0601 ext. 284

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mr. Anderson has had more than 30 years experience in leading and teaching in local church educational ministries. In addition, he spent 23 years at Regular Baptist Press as a writer, editor, and trainer of teachers. This experience helps him understand local church ministries from the viewpoint of the practitioner and the publisher. Mr. Anderson and his wife, Elly, live in Ankeny and are active members of Ankeny Baptist Church.

• B.A., Th.B., Faith Baptist Bible College
• M.Div., Th.M., Grace Theological Seminary

Ministry Experience
• Vacation Bible School editor, Regular Baptist Press
• Director of Training Resources, Regular Baptist Press
• Assistant to the GARBC National Representative
• Faculty and Director of Communications, Faith Baptist Bible College
• Adjunct Faculty, Faith Baptist Theological Seminary

Administering Christian Education
Christian Education of Adults
Christian Education of Children
Introduction to Local Church Ministries
Principles of Bible Teaching

Contact Mr. Anderson to learn more about the Local Church Ministries program at Faith.


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