ARRIBA! is a unique program that combines a Biblical Studies degree with a year of study in Peru, South America. This year of on-the-job training, normally taken in the junior year, allows the student an opportunity to learn the Spanish language, live with Peruvian believers, experience life in a different cultural setting, and work with missionaries. If you are interested in the ARRIBA! program, contact the Admissions Office early in your college career for additional information. Contact the Faith Admissions Office for the further details of this program and the courses you take. Normally an ARRIBA! student can CLEP out of two years of Spanish.

Biblical Counseling Minor
Children, teens, and adults today face increasing pressures and problems. Churches today are in desperate need of men and women who can Biblically and skillfully counsel these people. This minor, available in the Biblical Studies and Local Church Ministries programs, gives you a strong Biblical background with 14 hours of Biblical counseling training so you can lead people to Biblical solutions for their problems. No matter where you serve in a church, this training will be useful and valuable.

Specialized Courses in the Biblical Counseling Minor
• Introduction to Local Church Ministries
• Principles of Bible Teaching
• Foundations of Biblical Counseling
• Methods of Biblical Counseling
• Counseling Children
• Counseling Adolescents
• Crisis Counseling
• Marriage and Family Counseling
• Counseling Practicum

Greek Minor
If you want to gain an in-depth understanding of the New Testament to aid in your ministry, you will want to consider this program. The Greek training will help you understand the Bible more accurately so you can better relate it to your people. With this kind of training you will have the tools to study the Word and to serve effectively. You can choose this minor in either the Biblical Studies or Pastoral Training programs.

Specialized Courses in the Greek Minor
• Greek I, II, III, IV

Local Church Ministries Minor
Churches today need trained and experienced leaders for their educational programs. If you sense this is how God wants you to serve, you may choose this minor in the Biblical Studies program. This minor gives you an expanded Bible program with a full complement of teaching courses so you are prepared to serve in a church as a teacher or ministry leader. If you desire to be used of God in your local church, consider pursuing this minor. You will find you are equipped for a lifetime of service for Christ.

Specialized Courses in the Local Church Ministries Minor
• Introduction to Local Church Ministries
• Principles of Bible Teaching
• Christian Education of Children
• Administering Christian Education
• Christian Education of Adults
• 5 Hours of Local Church Ministry Electives

Missionary Nursing Minor
If you want to serve people and make a spiritual impact, consider the Missionary Nursing minor. This program prepares you for a ministry in medical missions so you can help people both physically and spiritually. The Missionary Nursing minor includes two years of study at Faith and two years of study at an accredited nursing school. Faith students can take their nurses training at the nearby Des Moines Area Community College and still live on the Faith campus all four years. You should fulfill the prerequisites of the nursing program as soon as possible, even during your high school
Specialized Courses in the Missionary Nursing Minor
• Current Issues in Missiology
• MAP Seminar
• Non-Christian Religions
• Cross-Cultural Communications
• Missionary Nursing Seminar

Students take nursing courses at Des Moines Area Community College or another nursing school.

Missions Minor
Missions is a vital part of the Lord's work today. If you have an interest in missions, you can choose the Missions minor in the Biblical Studies or Local Church Ministries program. In this minor you gain important training in missions in addition to your Bible and education training so you are prepared to serve the Lord effectively wherever He may lead you.

Specialized Courses in the Missions Minor
• MAP Seminar
• Current Issues in Missions
• Non-Christian Religions
• Readings in Missiology
• Sharing in Jewish Culture
• Survey of World Missions
• International Students Ministry
• Cross Cultural Communications
• Cults
• Missions Seminar

Music Minor
Churches are looking for good musicians today. If you are in the Assistant Pastor or Local Church Ministries program, you can choose a Music minor. With this minor you can fill an important role in the church's music program. You will be equipped to lead congregational singing as well as children's and youth choirs.
Specialized Courses in the Music Minor
• Music Theory I and II
• Elementary Conducting
• Advanced Conducting
• Church Music Administration
• Choral Methods
• Hymnology
• Applied Music
• Ensemble

Women's Ministry Minor
Women's ministry is a growing part of church work today. Many churches have women's Bible studies and special outreach events for women. Choosing this minor will help you lead effective women's ministries in your church. You will learn how to plan a women's program, prepare devotions and Bible studies for women, and mentor other
women. In essence, you will learn how to make disciples.

Specialized Courses in the Women's Ministry Minor
• Women's Ministry Foundations
• Women's Ministry Programming
• Mentoring Women
• Devotional Preparation for Women

Youth Minor
Do you remember a youth leader or youth pastor who was instrumental in your life? You can have that same impact in teens' lives today. Teens need to have a godly role model who is grounded in the Word to help them navigate their way through these years. This minor, available in the Assistant Pastor Program, will give you a thorough training in Bible and theology along with practical ministry courses and real-time experience in youth work.

Specialized Courses in the Youth Minor
• Foundations of Biblical Counseling
• Methods of Biblical Counseling
• Youth Foundations
• Youth Programming
• Counseling Adolescents
• Administering Christian Education
• Christian Education of Youth
• Music and Worship
• Seminar in Youth Issues


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