Transfer Credit Policies

General Transfer Guidelines
Faith follows the Transfer Credit Practices policy guide which may be supplemented as needed by current best practices. When evaluating credits, either before or after an application has been received, three major considerations will be followed regardless of institutional accreditation:
1. The educational quality of the learning experience
2. The comparability of the nature, content, and level of the learning experience
3. The appropriateness and applicability of the learning experience to our programs

Normally credits are evaluated by the Registrar, and/or department chairs/dean. Official transcripts must be submitted from all institutions attended whether course work was completed or not. Initial evaluations may be made from unofficial transcripts, but validation will be effective upon receipt of an official transcript and after matriculation of the student.

The student must request the transcript be sent from the originating institution to our Admission’s Office. An initial evaluation detailing applicable course-by-course acceptance will be communicated to the prospective student in a timely manner by the Registrar through the Admissions Office. A cum GPA of 2.5 for transfer credits is expected in order to be admitted in good standing.

Transfer credits are not used in averaging GPAs; only credits and grade points earned at Faith are used in the cum GPA. In order to be awarded academic honors upon graduation, the transfer student must receive at least 45 credit hours over a period of at least three semesters while in residence at Faith.

The maximum number of transfer credits accepted from a two year college is 65, and all such credits normally would be considered as lower division credit.

Transfer students seeking a Bachelor’s degree must complete at least 30 credits in at least two consecutive semesters in residence; those seeking an Associate’s degree must complete at least 15 credits in at least two consecutive semesters in residence. Those desiring to take courses at another institution after matriculation to Faith must secure approval from the Registrar.

Transfer students are exempt from taking the English entrance test if they are accepted with a status of sophomore (27 credits) or if they have passed an acceptable college-level English course with a grad of “C” or better. All first-time students are expected to take the Bible entrance assessment test and the writing pretest.

Transfer Credits from an Accredited Institution
These institutions (and their accrediting agencies) are listed in the Education Directory, Part III, Higher Education published by U.S. Department of Education. Courses with a grade of “C” or better that may transfer from an accredited institution can be used toward graduation and may be used to meet requirements for specific courses toward a student’s major.

Transfer Credits from an Unaccredited Institution
Credits earned from an unaccredited institution may or may not be accepted based upon criteria given above. If the course is accepted, the grade must be “C” or better. Credit may be given for courses equivalent to the core courses required on a program-by-program basis. Any nonapplicable course work may be considered as elective credit. Such elective credits would normally count toward credit hours required for graduation. The transferability of all such course work is expected to meet the same standards as those required from an accredited

Transfer of Course Work Completed outside This Country
To receive credit for course work done outside the U.S. and scripted in a language other than English, the student may need to have the transcript evaluated by a transcript evaluation agency such World Education Services. Such an agency provides the student with an authenticated academic transcript and an evaluation report. The student must contact the agency, pay the service fee, and have the report sent to the Faith Admission’s Office.

Work done by a transcript evaluation agency provides a guide, but Faith retains the right to determine transferability of courses, credits, and degrees. If requested, additional information may need to be provided prior to transcript evaluation and/or acceptance. In some cases, transfer credit may be granted if the course work has been completed through an institution in the United States.

Test-Out Opportunities
Faith recognizes the following opportunities for the possible conversion into college credit. Any such credits granted will not satisfy Faith’s residency requirements. No more than 24 total credits may be applied to a program of study by using the following options:
1. Faith entrance English grammar exam may result in receiving credit toward English I.
2. Awarding of credits for our College Mathematics course if a noneducation major receives an ACT math score of 25 or higher.
3. Satisfactory completion of selected AP or CLEP exams.
4. Military courses or training as recommended by the American Council on Education.

Transcript Requests

If you are transferring to another college or pursuing graduate studies, contact our Registrar's office for your transcripts. Transcripts are available for Faith, Omaha, and Denver alumni. Faith provides transcripts at no cost to you.

To request an official copy of your transcript, submit the Transcript Request Form below. Be sure to fill out the form in its entirety and sign it. We will process your request within one business day after we receive it.

Because the request form requires your signature, submit your request by

• fax (515-964-1638) or
• mail
Faith Baptist Bible College
Attn: Registrar
1900 NW Fourth St.
Ankeny, IA 50023

Click here to download the Transcript Request Form


The Registrar's Office at Faith exists to serve you before you come to Faith, during your time at Faith, and after you leave Faith. If you have questions relating to entrance requirements, changing programs or courses, transcripts, or transfer credits, check out the information on this web page. If you need additional help, contact the Registrar's Office today.

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515-964-0601, ext. 202

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515-964-0601, ext. 283



Entrance Requirements

Personal Background
The requirements for admission to Faith include a definite knowledge of Christ as Savior, an honest desire to know and to do the Lord's will, a genuine concern for the lost, a teachable heart and mind, a commitment to the doctrinal position of the College, a willingness to abide by the standards of the College while a student, and a readiness to apply oneself intellectually. Because of the school's specialized training and the standards of its constituency, applications from divorced persons or those married to divorced persons will not be processed. Faith Baptist Bible College admits qualified students who are personally committed to faith in Jesus Christ, regardless of sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin, or physical handicap.

Academic Background
Students applying to Faith are to have completed a high school program consisting ideally of a minimum of 4 years of English, 3 years each of science and math, and 2 years of social studies. All students are expected to have an official high school transcript including their final cumulative GPA, class rank, and ACT/SAT scores. GED passing scores are acceptable as a substitute.

Home-Schooled Students
Faith welcomes applications from students who have been home-schooled. Such students must meet all admissions standards. Home-schooled students must validate the work they have completed by a verifiable transcript and/or an acceptable acknowledgement such as a diploma. A home-schooled student may be asked to complete either the GED or the ACT to substantiate his or her preparation for entrance into college level academic study.

Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO)
Dual-enrolled students may submit an application to participate in Faith's PSEO program as outlined by the Iowa Department of Education. Interested students should contact the Admissions Office and their local school district for additional information.

Students with Disabilities
Students with documented disabilities should comply with the normal application process. In addition, the student should note any special concerns for their academic success. Faith's director of health services and the coordinator of accommodations may assist the Admissions Office. Click here for more information.

International Students
Faith is authorized under federal law to admit nonimmigrant alien students. Contact the  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  at Faith for details.

Students with a Military Background
A veteran or military dependent with financial benefits should follow normal application procedures. In addition, a second application should be obtained from the registrar for military or VA benefits. The student must present evidence of eligibility before certification of benefits can be processed. Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information.


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