Seminary Modules

Faith Baptist Theological Seminary now offers online classes to assist you in working
toward your degree. You can spend as little as 4 weeks in modules and complete your M.A. degree online. Click here to learn more.

Since 1986 Faith Baptist Theological Seminary has been involved with the advanced training of men and women for the studying of God's Word on the next level. One of the benefits of studying at FBTS is our unique module format which allows you to stay with your current full-time ministry or take a minimal amount of time away from work and family while earning a complete degree (Masters of Arts in Religion, Pastoral Studies, Biblical Studies, or Theological Studies can all be earned entirely by modules) or earning credit towards a Masters of Divinity Degree.

Our one week module courses cover in a concentrated form the material normally given throughout an entire semester. Classes usually meet in the morning or afternoon allowing you time to study throughout the week as you take the course. Homework for the class is assigned during the week but not due until later in the semester.

Hundreds of pastors, teachers, missionaries, chaplains, as well as Sunday school teachers, deacons, businessmen, and others interested in taking an indepth look at the Scriptures have studied at FBTS and are now using their training to make an eternal impact in the lives of others.

Interested in seeing what classes are available? Check the list below to find out what modules would most benefit your educational and ministry needs. For more information or to register for a course, submit the registration form below or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 1.888.FAITH.4.U.

Date   Course   Professor   Time   Credits
May 12-16   History of Baptist Faith and Practice   Dr. George Houghton   7:30-12:30  

    New Testament Seminar   Dr. Paul Hartog   7:30-12:30  


Introduction to Biblical Exegesis

  Dr. Douglas Brown  






May 19-23   Greek Exegesis II (Col. and Phile.)   Dr. Douglas Brown   7:30-12:30  

    First Corinthians   Dr. Paul Hartog   7:30-12:30  

    Hebrew Exegesis III (Deuteronomy)   Prof. Tim Little   1:00-6:00  



May 26-30   Marriage Counseling Prob. and Case Studies   Dr. Jeff Newman   7:30-12:30  


    Greek Exegesis V (Gal. and Thess.)   Dr. Paul Hartog   7:30-12:30  

    Church Administration II   Dr. Daniel Brown   7:30-12:30  

    Dispensational Theology   Dr. Myron Houghton   1:00-6:00  



Aug 11-15   History of Fundamentalism   Dr. Robert Delnay   7:30-12:30  


    Introduction to Biblical Counseling   Dr. Jeff Newman   5:00-10:00  

    John   Dr. Douglas Brown   1:00-6:00  


    Law and Grace   Dr. Myron Houghton   1:00-6:00  



Aug 18-22   Contemporary Christianity   Dr. George Houghton   7:30-12:30  


    Greek Exegesis I (Philippians)   Dr. Paul Hartog   7:30-12:30  


    Psalms   Dr. Daniel Brown   7:30-12:30  

    Romans   Dr. Myron Houghton   1:00-6:00  




Sept 22-26   Old Testament Seminar   Dr. Daniel Brown   7:30-12:30  

    History of Israel   Dr. Ernie Schmidt   7:30-12:30  


    Hebrew Exegesis I (Jonah and Ruth)   Prof. Tim Little   7:30-12:30  


    Theological Research   Prof. Tim Little   1:00-3:30  

    Theology Seminar   Dr. Myron Houghton   1:00-6:00  



Oct 27-31   Church Administration I   Dr. Daniel Brown   7:30-12:30  

    Church Planting   Dr. John Hartog II   7:30-12:30  

    Finances in Ministry   Prof. Dan Bjokne   1:00-3:30  


    Pastoral Epistles   Dr. Douglas Brown   7:30-12:30  



Dec 15-19   Church History I   Dr. George Houghton   7:30-12:30  


    The Education Program of a Local Church   Prof. Don Anderson   1:00-6:00  


    Preaching Seminar I   Dr. Bryan Augsburger   7:30-12:30  




Jan 5-9, 2015   Advanced Ecclesiology   Dr. Myron Houghton   1:00-6:00  

    Church History II   Dr. George Houghton   7:30-12:30  


    Counseling the Suffering   Dr. Jeff Newman   7:30-12:30  




Mar 2-6   Church Evangelism   Dr. Daniel Brown   7:30-12:30  

    Hebrew Exegesis II (selected)   Dr. Roy Beacham   7:30-12:30  

    Hermeneutics   Dr. Douglas Brown   7:30-12:30  



Mar 9-13   Greek Exegesis IV (Peter)   Dr. Douglas Brown   7:30-12:30  

    Theological Issues in Missions   Dr. Fred Moritz   7:30-12:30  



Apr 6-10   Pastoral Theology   Dr. Daniel Brown   1:00-6:00  

    Preaching Seminar II   Dr. Ernie Schmidt   7:30-12:30  

Requirements for Graduation

You may complete the M.A.R. or M.A. degrees by modules. Part of the M.Div. curriculum requirements are offered only in traditional, semester-length courses, but you may complete some of the curriculum requirements in modular format. If you are in the M.A.R. or M.A. programs, you must take at least three modules that are taught by members of the resident faculty. After completing nine credits, you must apply to a degree program and be assigned a resident faculty advisor. Students who fail to apply to a degree program will not be allowed to put additional credits (i.e., beyond the nine-credit limit) toward any degree program. Therefore, you should apply to a degree program when or before you reach the nine-credit limit.

Modules are $329 per credit hour (until June 30, 2014). A person may take any course as a conference audit for a fee of $100. Payment is due on the first day of the module class.

Housing Information
On-campus housing is available on a limited basis ($50 per adult for Sunday through Friday 12:00 p.m.). Reservations are accepted on a first-come basis. You may check in Sunday evening or Monday morning. Bedding and towels are furnished. Laundry facilities are available. Rooms may be shared by other module students. Please observe the reserved parking spaces. To reserve guest housing, contact our Housing Department at 515-964-0601, ext. 203.

Registration for Modules

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If you are a new student, send a $10 application fee to FBTS at least one week before the module you plan to attend.

Ankeny– A Great Place to Live

Ankeny, home to more than 45,000 people, is a fast growing suburb of Des Moines. Ankeny living has all the benefits you would find in a major city while having the feel of a smaller midwestern community.  All your shopping and dining needs as well as state parks, bike trails, and a family YMCA are within a short drive. Ankeny is a safe place for you and your children. Two Christian schools are in nearby. In 2008 Family Circle magazine named Ankeny as one of the 10 best places to live in the United States.

Click here to visit the official website of Ankeny.

Life at FBTS

You will find life at FBTS to be enjoyable and stimulating for you and your family.  
• Jobs are plentiful, and housing is affordable.
• You have a choice of many local churches to attend.
• You share the campus with Faith Baptist Bible College, which means you have access to the concerts, athletic games, and activities of the college.
• You will find spiritual challenge in chapels, Bible Conference, Missions Conference, and other special speakers on campus.
• You can get wireless internet service on campus.
• You can grab a coffee, smoothie, or snack at Twigs, our campus coffee shop.
• Your children will enjoy being around the college and seminary students.
• You can even be part of the seminary intramural basketball team.

You will enjoy seminary life at Faith!

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living    ministryop



Ankeny: A Great Place to Live
Ankeny is a great place to live! In 2008 Family Circle magazine selected Ankeny as one of the top 10 places to live in the United States, and we agree! Whether you take advantage of campus housing or live nearby, you will find plenty of housing options to fit your needs.

Faith Housing
Faith has several apartment units available at a reasonable price. You'll enjoy being able to walk to school each day! Click here for an information sheet and here for an application for Faith housing.  


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