They're Glad They Came to Faith

As we approach the end of the school year, we caught up with some of our freshmen and transfer students to hear why they are glad they chose Faith.

Shafer WhitneyWhitney Shafer: I am glad I chose Faith because it is preparing me for my future ministry. I am planning to go into the medical field next year, and Faith is building a good foundation right now to help me best minister to others. I know that the things I have learned here, especially through the counseling classes I have taken, will be beneficial to me no matter where else the Lord leads me in my life. Even just one year at Faith can apply to any area of life, no matter what field of study you want to pursue.


Eloe CalebCaleb Eloe: God has taught me so much my first year at Faith! I have learned daily habits not only to use while I'm at Faith but also for the rest of my life. It is truly an experience every college student should go through before being launched into the world! I would not trade the decision to come to Faith for anything!




Peterson ZacharyZach Peterson: I am glad I transferred to Faith because of its incredible spiritual environment. The college does everything it can to promote spiritual growth in the lives of the students. We are surrounded by people of all ages that are willing not only to have fun but also to help you grow in your walk with God.




Kurfman ReaganReagan Kurfman: I am glad I came to Faith because it's a great place to learn. The professors are very helpful and want you to grow in wisdom and in all areas of your spiritual life. There is definitely a difference between Faith and secular schools. It's not a huge campus here and I like that. You can really get to know people well.




Vertican AbigailAbby Vertican: I loved the idea of a Christian college away from home so I could learn some independence, and so far God has taught me a lot more than I expected. Faith’s heart for ministry is what drew me here. I love the smaller campus that keeps the students closer and more connected. Soccer season was the best! I loved my team, the great memories we made, and friendships all built on Christ! I enjoy being independent in a safe environment where God is changing and making me to be more like Him.

Faith Baptist Bible College

Faith is a fully-accredited Bible college located on a beautiful 52-acre campus just north of Des Moines. Students come to Faith from all across the country and from several countries in the world. Faith is a place for growing, developing, maturing, and preparing for a life and for service for Christ.


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