Speaking and writing well are important skills for success in life and ministry. The Secondary English Education program at Faith equips you to help high schoolers excel in these two areas. Through courses in literature, advanced grammar, and writing, you will be prepared to enter the secondary classroom with confidence and make a different in students' lives. Your work has the added benefit of helping students communicate God's Word clearly to others

Core Courses in the Education Program

• Education Seminar
• Educational Technology
• Foundations of Education
• Human Relations for Teachers
• Clinical Practice Seminar I, II, III, IV

• The Exceptional Learner
• Student Teaching Seminar
• Praxis: Theory to Practice
• Student Teaching

Specialized Courses in the Secondary Education Program

• Secondary Methods and Materials
• Adolescent Growth and Development
• Adolescent Literature
• World Literature
• Advanced Grammar and Linguistics
• American Masterpieces

• English Masterpieces I and II
• Creative Writing
• Senior Writing
• Teaching Secondary English/Language Arts
• Content Area Reading in the Secondary

At Faith you can also earn the K-12 Coaching Endorsement. You will need to take additional credit hours for these endorsements. These courses are offered during regular semesters at times convenient for both students and instructor.

• Foundations of Coaching    
• Sports Physiology   

• Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries    
• Human Growth and Development

Christian School Program Admission
Official admission into the Christian School program is required at the end of your sophomore year. Your faculty advisor will help you through the process and inform you of the criteria required for admission.

State Licensing
The Christian School Program at Faith is approved by the Iowa Department of Education so that the graduates are eligible to receive the state's initial license for teaching in public or Christian schools. This program requires a 14-week student teaching experience in the student's last semester.


"If I have memorized addition facts, multiplication tables, and chemical formulas but have never been disciplined to hide God's Word in my heart, I have not been educated. If I play the piano, the violin, six other instruments, and can write music that moves men to tears but have not been taught to listen to the Director of the universe and worship Him, I have not been educated. If I become a good citizen, voting at each election and fighting for what is moral and right but have not been told of the sinfulness of man and his hopelessness without Christ, I have not been educated." 

Faith's accredited education program prepares teachers to take God's Word into the elementary, secondary English, and music classrooms and use it truly to educate students. Graduates benefit from the strong Bible core of the Faith experience, the many mentoring opportunities, the classroom experience, and highly qualified faculty.  If you sense the Lord leading you to be a teacher, especially teaching English on the secondary level, you will find quality training at Faith.


Faculty in the Secondary English Education Program

David G. Horner, M.A.
Secondary English Education

964.0601 ext. 261

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mr. Horner had 20 years experience as a teacher and administrator in Christian schools before coming to Faith in 2001. He has a strong background in English and literature and directs the secondary English education program at Faith. Mr. Horner also leads the Writing Improvement Program, which assists all students in improving their writing skills. Mr. Horner lives in Ankeny and is an active member of Urbandale Baptist Church in Urbandale.

• B.A. from University of Toledo
• Graduate work at Michigan State University
• Education certificate from University of Toledo
• M.A. from Oakland University

• Administrator, Springfield Christian Academy, Clarkston, Michigan
• Teacher, Wixom Christian School, Wixom, Michigan
• Adjunct Faculty, Baker College
• Administrator, Oxford Christian Academy, Oxford, Michigan
• Faculty, Faith Baptist Bible College

Advanced Grammar and Linguistics
American Masterpieces
Creative Writing
English Fundamentals
Praxis: Theory to Practice
Secondary Methods and Materials
Senior Writing
Student Teaching Supervision
Teaching Secondary Bible
Teaching Secondary English/Language Arts
World Geography
World Literature

Contact Mr. Horner about Faith's secondary English education program.

He served as an administrator and teacher in four Christian School before joining the Faith faculty in 1998. These experiences, coupled with his strong academic background in education, make him an exceptional teacher at Faith. Dr. Stupka directs the field experience component of the Christian School program, which involves the placement of students in student teaching positions. Dr. Stupka and his family are active members at Maranatha Baptist Church in Grimes, where he serves as the associate pastor of Christian education.

• B.S., Faith Baptist Bible College
• Pillsbury Baptist Bible College
• M.S. in Educational Administration, Pensacola Christian College
• M.S. in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership, Drake University
• Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, Argosy University

• Teacher/Coach, Owatonna Christian School
• Principal/Teacher, Grandview Park Baptist School, Des Moines, Iowa
• Principal/Teacher, Kanawha Christian School, Kanawha, Iowa
• Faculty, Faith Baptist Bible College
• Assistant Pastor, Maranatha Baptist Church, Grimes, Iowa

Adolescent Growth & Development
Clinical Practice Seminar
Education Seminar
Human Growth & Development
Human Relations for Teachers
Human Relationships
The Middle School Student
Teaching Physical Education

Contact Dr. Stupka for information about the field experience program of the Christian School Department at Faith.

Mark E. Stupka, Ed.D.
Christian School

964.0601 ext. 267

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Literature and writing are the passions of Mrs. Gifford. She teaches literature courses at Faith and directs the Writing Center where students can get help in writing projects. Much of her courses are in the Secondary English Education program. She pushes herself to excel and wants the same for her students. Mrs. Gifford and her husband, Dick, live in Slater and are active members of Slater Baptist Church.

• B.S., Iowa State University
• Graduate work in Library Science, University of Denver
• M.A. in English, Iowa State University
• Graduate work, English as a Second Language, Iowa State University

Teaching Experience
• Teacher, Ballard Community High School
• Faculty, Faith Baptist Bible College

English Masterpieces I
English Masterpieces 2

Contact Mrs. Gifford for information about the English and literature offerings at Faith.

Elizabeth Gifford, M.A.

964.0601 ext. 514

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Long came to Faith in 1986 as the chair of the Christian School Department. He led the department to new levels of effectiveness and recognition. In 2011 he transitioned to the position of director of institutional effectiveness to lead Faith in its assessment program and in its pursuit to achieve greater effectiveness in our programs. Dr. Long and his wife, Dee, live in Ankeny and are active members of Grandview Park Baptist Church in Des Moines.

• B.S., West Chester State University;
• M.Ed., University of Toledo,
• Ed.D., University of Sarasota.

• Instructor, Charleston Elementary School, Lorain, Ohio
• Teacher, Emmanuel Baptist School, Toledo, Ohio
• Principal, Head Administrator, Emmanuel Baptist School, Toledo, Ohio
• Faculty, Faith Baptist Bible College

Foundations of Education
Student Teaching Supervision

Contact Dr. Long for more information about the Christian School department. .

C. Donald Long, Ed.D.
Director of Institutional Effectiveness; Christian School

964.0601 ext. 225

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mrs. Wooster is a credentialed and experienced Christian school teacher.  She taught several years full-time at Faith and later transitioned to an adjunct faculty member. She teaches several courses in the Christian School Department in the fields of literature and reading. Mrs. Wooster and her family are active members of Calvary Baptist Church in Manning.

• Wayne State University
• B.A., Cedarville College
• M.Ed., Bob Jones University

Teaching Experience
• Teacher, Emmanuel Christian School, Toledo, Ohio
• Teacher, Grandview Park Baptist School, Des Moines, Iowa
• Faculty and Adjunct Faculty, Faith Baptist Bible College

Content Area Reading

Contact Mrs. Wooster for information on her Christian School courses.

Jan Wooster, M.Ed.
Christian School

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ministry Opportunities

Christian School graduates from Faith are in demand today. Christian schools know that the Faith grad has a solid Bible background and a high skill level of teaching. Normally every education grad that wants to enter teaching immediately can find a place of ministry. Some students complete the Christian School program with a goal of homeschooling their children. Such a course of study will enable you to teach your children successfully. Since the Faith Christian School program is accredited by the State of Iowa, a grad can find employment in either a Christian or public school.

Courses in the Secondary Education Program

M-CS 101 Education Seminar (0) Required of all freshmen intending to enter one of the teacher education programs. The seminar sessions will help the student explore the many facets of teaching both as a ministry and as a profession. Self-evaluative and reflective activities and field experiences will be used to help the student solidify his or her decision related to entering an FBBC teacher preparation program. An overview of the requirements for each program will be presented, and the required entrance and grammar test for each program will be given through this course. A required component of the seminar is planning for three days of field experiences.

M-CS 104 Educational Technology (1) Required for all freshmen intending to enter one of the teacher education programs. Overviews the Faith performance-based teacher preparation program as well as the Chalk & Wire e-portfolio system used for portfolio development. A required component of the seminars is field experiences with related observation and reflective reports.

M-CS 201 Foundations of Education (2) A survey and study of the American school system including the development of the Christian school movement. It presents a biblical philosophy of life and the application of that philosophy to Christian education so that candidates can begin to develop their own philosophy of education. Candidates will be introduced to a foundational knowledge base of education including theories of development and learning, curriculum, instructional approaches, and the learning environment. Issues in public and Christian school education will be addressed and discussed. A clinical experience related to the goals of this course will also be required.

M-CS 205 Human Growth & Development (2) A study of the theories and principles of the physical, mental, emotional, social, personality, and spiritual development of the adolescent. Students will gain a better understanding of the complexity of the developing adolescent and will realize the influence that various individuals and cultures can have upon youth.  Prerequisite: Introduction to Psychology and Counseling

M-CS 206 Secondary Methods and Materials (3) Background in the goals, materials, and methods of secondary school teaching. The fundamental skills of instructional planning, Biblical integration, and classroom management are the central focus. Emphasis is also placed on effective communication in lesson presentation, questioning techniques, and teaching of concepts. A working knowledge of available resources and the preparation and use of educational technologies are also stressed.

M-CS 207 Human Relations for Teachers (2) Studies the Christian teacher's relationship to people of various identifiable subgroups in our pluralistic society and the impact of biases on an individual's ability to properly relate to others. Biblical principles related to human relations will be integrated in a variety of learning activities that will promote the development of social skills, a proper self-concept, and a respect for God-created human diversity.

G-HU 205 Adolescent Literature (2) A study of literature written for and read by adolescents. Emphasis is placed on the evaluation of adolescent literature, methods for choosing books related to reading interest levels, promoting reading as an enjoyable and meaningful activity, and developing competence in presenting literature to adolescents.

G-HU 208 World Literature (3) A survey of world literature including various forms of prose, poetry, and drama by European and American authors as well as works by Greek, Roman, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese authors. In addition, a few Russian and Islamic authors will also be studied. By comparing literary works from the Western and non-Western world, students will begin to understand cultural views and traditions other than their own as well as note themes common to all people as expressed in their literature.

M-CS 209 Clinical Practice Seminar I, II (0) Required of all sophomores intending to enter one of the teacher education programs. The requirements of the performance-based teacher preparation program will be reviewed with a special emphasis upon the required field experiences. The students will begin to develop their electronic portfolios, and sophomore-level field experience requirements will be discussed and emphasized. English and math proficiency exams will be administered during these class sessions.

G-CO 305 Advanced Grammar and Linguistics (3) An intensive study of the theory and structure of the English language including form and syntax as well as an introduction to English phonology and morphology.     

G-HU 305 American Masterpieces (3) A survey of the great American writers from the colonial period to the present. Samples of various authors' works will be reviewed in terms of how they reflect the historical period in which they were written. In addition, the relevance of these works to the Christian school curriculum and the spiritual values portrayed in them will be examined.

G-HU 305 English Masterpieces I (3) A study of English literature from the Middle Ages though the Enlightenment. Under consideration will be the social and cultural conditions in which these people wrote, the reflections of God and religion found in their writing, and their influence on western culture. Students will read, discuss, analyze, and evaluate representative works of prose, poetry, and drama.

G-HU 306 English Masterpieces II (3) A study of English literature during the Romantic Period, the Victorian Age, and the Twentieth Century. Under consideration will be the social and cultural conditions in which these authors wrote, the reflection of God and religion found in their writing, and their influence on western civilization. Students will have the opportunity to read, discuss, analyze, and evaluate representative works of prose, poetry, and drama in relation to these literary periods.

G-CO 308 Creative Writing (2) Enhances a student's written communication skills by giving him/her the opportunity to create original works of prose, poetry, and drama. Pre-writing activities, drafting and revising skills, and editing and proofreading techniques will help the student toward the goal of producing clear, concise, and professional pieces of writing. In addition, the course will assist the English education major in developing creative writing ideas for use in his/her future classroom.

M-CS 309, 310 Clinical Practice Seminar III, IV (0) Required of all juniors who are working toward a degree in one of the teacher education programs. The requirements of the performance-based teacher preparation program will be reviewed with a special emphasis upon the required field experiences. The students will update their electronic portfolios, and junior level field experience requirements will be discussed and emphasized.  

M-CS 405 The Exceptional Learner (4) An overview of the historical and legislative background of special education and of student diversity and surveys the categories of exceptionalities covered by IDEA. Current issues in special education are discussed from a biblical perspective. Special emphasis is given to educational concerns of children with learning disabilities and ELL and to the research-based strategies recommended for effective instruction of these special learners.  

M-CS 407 Music in the Elementary Classroom (2) A study of the music skills and concepts that are used in elementary schools. Students become familiar with the varying age characteristics from kindergarten through sixth grade, along with the musical applications for each age group. Integrating music within the general classroom setting as well as appropriate music-related activities and games are emphasized. Additional topics include: philosophy; practical study of singing; accompanying children with the piano/keyboard, and/or guitar and autoharp; and the design and delivery of effective lesson plans. Elementary Education majors with adequate musical background may be admitted to M-CS 409, Teaching Elementary Music, upon recommendation of the instructor. That course satisfies the requirements of M-CS 407.  Prerequisite: M-CS 202 Elementary Teaching Methods and Materials

M-CS 408 Content Area Reading in the Secondary (2) An examination of reading skills and instructional needs of secondary level students with emphasis on teaching and management techniques for a range of reading levels including comprehensive strategies, basic study skills, coordination of reading instruction, and recreational reading.  

G-CO 409 Senior Writing (1) Designed for secondary English education seniors and has a two-fold purpose. First, students will review and practice several rhetorical modes, using the principles of expository writing, and refine their skills in the composition process, including prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. Second, students will examine some of the methods for teaching and assessing writing at the secondary level.

M-CS 412 Student Teaching Seminar (0) A practical discussion of topics related to teaching in the Christian school as final preparation for student teaching. Topics covered include discipline and classroom management techniques, adjustments and transitions into full-time teaching responsibilities, the cooperating teacher, the college supervisor, responsibilities of the student teacher, and placement practices. In addition, the seminar will function as an opportunity for reflective assessments following the student teaching experience.  

M-CS 414 Christian School Teaching (Student Teaching) (10) A full-time, fourteen-week assignment during which time the student teacher is under the guidance of an experienced, properly credentialed cooperating teacher. Following an orientation period during which the student teacher observes and gradually assumes teacher-related duties, the student teacher will transition into full-time teaching for several weeks. The student teacher will be responsible for all phases of the instructional process and is expected to follow the daily schedule and duties of the cooperating teacher. For those earning eligibility for the K-8 Reading Endorsement, the student teacher will be placed in settings in which he/she can apply the knowledge and skills learned in the endorsement program coursework. A significant portion of the 14-week experience will be devoted to literacy instruction. The student teacher will observe and assist in assessment, diagnosis and remediation of students' reading and writing weaknesses.  Participation in small group and individual instruction and assessment in reading will be required. Three of the ten course credits will be devoted to the reading endorsement requirements

M-CS 419 Praxis: Theory to Practice (3) A review of the principles and theories of teaching and learning in preparation for the student teaching experience. Topics of classroom management, discipline, classroom assessment, and standardized testing will be emphasized. The capstone requirement for this course is a 40-hour practicum in which the candidates will demonstrate their readiness for the student teaching experience.

M-CS 429 Teaching Secondary English/Language Arts (2) Prepares the teacher candidate for teaching English/Language Arts in the middle school or high school.   Curriculum development, unit/lesson plan preparation, and methods for teaching grammar, composition, and literature are presented. Candidates will prepare a 4-6-week unit for use in student teaching and/or later teaching situations.  

G-PE 610 Human Growth and Development (1) Helps prospective coaches and teachers gain an understanding of the basic concepts of the growth and development of students in the 5th through 12th grades who participate in school-sponsored athletics. Course participants will learn of how and when physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development occurs and how this development affects learning, behavior, and performance. The course material will be presented from a Biblical perspective and will model a proactive approach and promote the ethical standards for coaching outlined by the State of Iowa Board of Examiners.

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