Programs in the Missions and Evangelism Department

"With the Word to the World" is more than a motto at Faith. It is the passion and the way of life on the campus. While every department at Faith trains people to communicate the Scripture to others, the Missions Department has the unique role of equipping men and women to serve as short-term or career missionaries. If you sense that God may be leading you into missionary work, this department may be the place for you.

Faith offers six options in the Missions and Evangelism Department.
• Missions major (two-year)
• Missions major (four-year)
• Missions major with a Homiletics minor
• Missions major with a Homiletics-Greek minor
• Biblical Studies major with an ARRIBA! minor
• Biblical Studies major with a Missionary Nursing minor

Two-Year Program
Mission fields require all kinds of workers:builders, computer specialists, technicians, medical personnel, and business administrators. If you have one of these skills and would like to serve on a mission field, this two-year program will give you what you need. The program provides a strong Bible and theology emphasis with practical missions courses. This program is also ideal for the spouse of a person preparing for career missionary service.
Core Courses in the Two-Year Program

• Current Issues in Missions
• Non-Christian Religions

• International Students Ministry or  Community Outreach
• Cross Cultural Communications

Four-Year Program
Do you sense the burden of lost people around the world and want to make a spiritual impact on them? The four-year missions program at Faith gives you a full Bible education along with 22 hours of practical missions courses. You will also serve in a missionary apprenticeship to give you real-time experience on a mission field. Graduates of this program are ready to begin serving wherever the Lord leads them.

Core Courses in the Four-Year Program

• MAP Seminar
• Current Issues in Missions
• Non-Christian Religions

• Readings in Missiology
• Sharing in Jewish Culture
• Survey of World Missions

• International Students Ministry or  Community Outreach
• Cross Cultural Communications
• Cults
• Missions Seminar
• MAP Internship

In addition to the four-year general program, Faith offers four minors in the Missions and Evangelism Department.

Homiletics Minor
A well-trained missionary needs to have expert preaching skills to communicate God's Word to people. This minor gives you a full Bible and theology education, practical missions courses, and 8 hours of homiletics training. You will be prepared to start a church and then clearly and effectively preach the Scripture to win people to Christ and disciple new believers. No matter what language you may use, you will be prepared to preach!
Specialized Courses in the Homiletics Minor

• Introduction to Homiletics
• Homiletics I and II

• Principles of Church Planting and Growth


Homiletics and Greek Minor
If you want to gain an in-depth understanding of the New Testament to aid in your preaching, you will want to consider this program. It includes 8 hours of homiletics and adds 12 hours of Greek. The Greek training will help you understand the Bible more accurately so you can better relate it to different people groups. With this kind of training you will have the tools to preach effectively.
Specialized Courses in the Homiletics and Greek Minor

• Introduction to Homiletics
• Homiletics I and II

• Principles of Church Planting and Growth
• Greek I, II, III, IV


ARRIBA! is a unique program that combines a Biblical Studies degree with a year of study in Peru, South America. This year of on-the-job training, normally taken in your junior year, allows you the opportunity to
• learn the Spanish language
• live with Peruvian believers
• experience life in a different cultural setting and
• work with missionaries
If you are interested in the ARRIBA! program, contact the Admissions Office early in your college career for additional information. Check the college catalog for the courses you will take at Faith in this program. Talk to the Admissions Department for the courses you will take in Peru.

Missionary Nursing Minor
The Missionary Nursing program prepares you for a ministry in medical missions. This program includes two years of study at Faith and two years of study at an accredited nursing school. Faith has established a working relationship with the Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) to enable you to take your nursing classes there and still live on the Faith campus the entire time. (Visit for the details of its nursing program.) You should fulfill the prerequisites of the nursing program as soon as possible, even during your high school years. A five-year optional program is available if you need to complete your prerequisites during your first year at Faith.

Core Courses at Faith
Check the college catalog for the Bible and missions courses you will take at Faith.

Courses at DMACC

• Developmental Psychology
• Health Science Physiology
• Fundamentals of Nursing
• Success in Nursing
• Nursing Practice I, II, III
• Practical Nursing Roles
• Health Science Microbiology or Microbiology with Lab

• Interpersonal and Small Group Communication
• Introduction to Sociology
• Professional Nursing Practice
• Family Health Nursing
• Mental Health Nursing
• Adult Nursing
• Nursing Seminar


Overview of the Missions and Evangelism Program

 "With the Word to the World" is more than a motto at Faith. It is the passion and the way of life on the campus. While every department at Faith trains people to communicate the Scripture to others, the Missions Department has the unique role of equipping men and women to serve as missionaries. The two-year Missions program is ideal for someone who wants to serve in missionary work in a technical field, such as construction or technology. The four-year program prepares students to serve as short-term or career missionaries. If you sense that God may be leading you into missionary work, this department is the place for you.


Mark Lounsbrough, M.Div.
Missions and Bible

964.0601 ext. 360

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mr. Lounsbrough joined the Faith faculty in 2008 after nearly 20 years of missionary service in Brazil. Much of his missionary ministry was teaching in a Bible college in Brazil, which gave him the missions and teaching experience that he now uses at Faith. Mr. Lounsbrough brings a passion and enthusiasm for missions that is contagious in the classroom. He continues his missionary work through international ministry trips. Mr. Lounsbrough and his family are active members of Community Baptist Church in Ankeny.

• B.A., Faith Baptist Bible College
• M.A., Faith Baptist Theological Seminary
• M.Div., Northwest Baptist Seminary

Teaching and Missionary Ministry
• Baptist Mid-Missions missionary to Brazil
• Faculty, Faith Baptist Bible College

Current Issues in Missiology
Intro to Christian Missions
MAP Seminar
Missionary Nursing Seminar
Missions Seminar
Prin. of Church Planting & Growth
Readings in Missiology
Survey of World Missions

Contact Mr. Lounsbrough for more information about the Missions Department at Faith.

Ministry Opportunities

The population of the world now exceeds 6 billion people. Multiplied millions of those people have never heard the gospel, and many are living in countries where missionaries are not allowed. This alarming situation magnifies the need for more men and women who can serve as short-term or career missionaries to take the gospel to them. The two-year and four-year Missions programs at Faith will equip you to serve in missionary work in the United States or in another country. Jobs may be scarce in some fields today, but not on the mission fields of the world. As a missionary, you will never lack work!

Courses in the Missions and Evangelism Program

M-ME 101 Personal Evangelism (2) Explores Scriptural methods of witnessing and leading people to a personal acceptance of Christ as Savior and teaching skills to reach new converts. A program of Scripture memorization, reading, and opportunities for practical experience in personal work are included.

M-ME 102 Introduction to Missions (2) An introduction to the Biblical, historical and practical foundations for world missions. It engages in issues related to the call of God, the process of getting to the field, and the contemporary issues facing today's missionary.

M-ME 201 MAP Seminar (1) A brief orientation to the history, purpose, and requirements of a Missionary Apprenticeship Program (MAP). The class will also seek to prepare the MAPer for deputation pre-field ministry, cross-cultural encounters on the field, and re-entry to the United States at the end of the MAP experience. Such practical subjects as finances, health, and etiquette will also be considered.

M-ME 204 Current Issues in Missiology (2) Explores a variety of contemporary trends in missions, involving such issues as globalization, postmodernism, changing motivations for missions, spiritual warfare, mission strategy, and incarnationalism. Each issue is defined, examined in the light of Scripture, and resolved in a practical manner.

M-ME 301 Survey of World Missions (3) A history of missions from Acts to the present with a study of great missionaries, past and present, and a survey of selected countries and missionaries.

M-ME 302 Readings in Missiology (2) A study of the church's mission, especially with respect to the nature, purpose, and methods of its missionary activity. The student is able to pursue technical studies in areas of contemporary mission interest, such as the theology of missions, history of missions, contextualization, and tentmaking.

M-ME 304 Sharing in Jewish Culture (1) Studies the history, teachings, and structure of rabbinic Judaism as well as the history and culture of Jewish people today. Students will memorize several important verses from the Tenach to use in sharing Yeshua as the Messiah.

M-ME 400 Missionary Apprenticeship Program (MAP) (0) An internship of a minimum of six weeks of practical experience on an approved home or foreign mission field, planned in agreement with the chair of the Department of Missions and Evangelism, and carried out under supervision of qualified missionaries. This course is intended to be taken during the summer prior to the student's junior or senior year.

M-ME 404 Cross-Cultural Communication (3) A study of the dynamics of communication and Christian ministry across cultures, including the study of the problems of spoken, written and non-verbal communication where cultural and/or linguistic boundaries must be crossed. There will be a focus on current issues having to do with cultural interactions and Christian witness, whether in the United States or abroad.

M-ME 405 Non-Christian Religions (2) An introduction to selected major world religions from a Biblical perspective, acquainting the student with the information and tools necessary to encounter those whose families and ancestors have held to these religions.

M-ME 406 Cults (2) A study of the history and theology of three major cults (Jehovah Witnesses, Mormonism, and Roman Catholicism) and several minor cults. Stress is placed on their specific doctrinal deviations from historic Christianity. The student is given information that will help in ministering to those influenced by these cults.

M-ME 407 Campus and International Students Ministry (1) Acquaints the student with the need for the campus and international students ministry, covers the principles and practice of the ministry, and provides opportunities to practice evangelism and discipleship in a campus and/or cross-cultural setting.

M-ME 409 Community Outreach (1) An introduction to the need and practice of community outreach.

M-ME 414 Principles of Church Planting and Church Growth (3) Discusses the major need for church planters both in North America and abroad. The course analyzes methods that may be employed in church planting, ways to overcome the hindrances to church planting and development, and the theology of church growth. The intent of the course is to equip the student to start a church.

M-ME 416 Missions Seminar (3) Designed to assist the student with preparations for the mission field. It deals with the will of God in relation to missions, and covers both pre-field preparations and matters of concern on the field. Special emphasis is placed on the missionary's relationship to his home church, mission agency, and fellow workers.

M-ME 601 Missionary Nursing Seminar (2) Discusses the Biblical perspective of health and disease and seeks to develop a practical strategy for meeting medical needs on mission fields, either in the United States or abroad. It examines the effect of culture and environment on health and the perception of health. The challenge of understanding and dealing with alternative medical systems from a Christian viewpoint will be included.

M-ME 611 Beginning Sign Language* (2) A study of the alphabet, hand shapes, numbers, phrases, and basic vocabulary necessary for communicating with the deaf. Emphasis will be given to some of the problems faced by the deaf person in a hearing world.

M-ME 612 Intermediate Sign Language* (2) Additional work in finger-spelling and vocabulary. Emphasis is placed on correct signing of multiple-meaning words and developing receptive and expressive skills. Prerequisite: M-ME 611 Beginning Sign Language

M-ME 621 Advanced Sign Language I* (2) A review of Beginning and Intermediate Sign Language including hearing idioms with an emphasis on developing interpreting skills in individual segments of the church program (e.g., songs, Scripture reading, announcements, special music). Prerequisite: M-ME 612 Intermediate Sign Language

M-ME 622 Advanced Sign Language II* (2) A study of deaf idioms including actual class interpretations of Bible lessons and special church services such as communion, weddings, baptisms, and funerals. Time will be given for the developing of reverse interpretation skills. Emphasis will also be given to the role of the interpreter in the deaf ministry of the local church. No voice will be used in this class. Prerequisite: M-ME 621 Advanced Sign Language
*Sign Language is recognized as a foreign language; courses may be used toward obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree, which requires 2 years of a foreign language.

M-ME 623, 624 Computers in Ministry (1) Provides Biblical principles relating to computers for personal and ministerial use. Issues of appropriateness and practical uses are introduced. Students survey various technologies in class and are required to demonstrate computer competence through hands-on assignments.


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