Bible Analysis (B-AN)
B-AN 201 Genesis (2) An analysis of the "Book of Beginnings". God's plan is studied in detail with reference to the Creation, the Flood, and the nations. The outworking of God's history of redemption for the nations is traced through a biographical study of the four Hebrew patriarchs.

B-AN 203 Matthew (3) A study of the gospel written for the Jew, presenting Jesus Christ as the Messiah and King of Israel. Dispensational and prophetic features of the book are noted, with special emphasis on the development of the presentation of the kingdom and related eschatological truths. Matthew's contribution to the various areas of theology is considered, and application is noted throughout the course.

B-AN 303 Romans (3) A detailed analysis of the book of Romans with an introduction to the historical, geographical and religious contexts in which Romans was written. Also considered will be the theological, ecclesiological, and practical issues applicable to the church today.

B-AN 404 Acts (2) A detailed analysis of the Book of Acts, with emphasis being given to the ministry of the Holy Spirit and to the establishment and development of the church. Problem passages are given special consideration. Application to current church polity and missionary endeavor is made.

Bible Related (R-RE)
B-RE 101 Introduction to Bible Study (3) Provides foundational principles for understanding and interpreting the Bible and surveys the methods and tools needed for effective Bible study. This course will conclude with a study of dispensations.

B-RE 102 Christian Experience (2) Truths relating to the Christian life (salvation and progressive sanctification) are presented from Scripture. Topics relating to salvation include the need for and means of salvation along with security and assurance. Topics relating to progressive sanctification (the believer's growth in Christ-likeness) include discipleship, the constitution of man, the Word of God, the Spirit of God, prayer, the will of God, and separation. Special emphasis is placed on helping the student to grow in his or her own walk with Christ.

Bible Survey (B-SU)
B-SU 101 Old Testament Law, History, and Poetry (3) A survey of Old Testament law, history, and poetry, giving such points as the background of the book, key words and verses, information about the author, date and circumstances of writing, theme, importance, features, and the high points of each book.

B-SU 102 Old Testament Prophets (3) A survey of the books of the Old Testament prophets, giving such points as the background of the book, key words and verses, information about the author, date and circumstances of writing, theme, importance, features, and the high points of each book.

B-SU 104 New Testament Survey (3) A survey of the books of the New Testament, giving such points as the background of the book, key words and verses, information about the author, date and circumstances of writing, theme, importance, features, and the high points of each book.

Systematic Theology (T-SY)
T-SY 102 Doctrine Survey (3) An overview of all the major doctrines in the Bible. This course is designed as a basic introduction to the study of each of the Bible's various doctrines, their relationship to each other, and their practical value in the life of the believer.

T-SY 201 Bible Doctrine I (3) A systematic study of the Biblical doctrines of the Scriptures, the Person of God the Father, and the Person and work of Christ.

T-SY 202 Bible Doctrine II (3) A systematic study of the Biblical doctrines of the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit; the origin, nature, and destiny of angels and Satan; and the origin, nature, and destiny of man.

T-SY 301 Bible Doctrine III (2) A systematic study of the Bible's teaching concerning sin and the various facets of salvation.

T-SY 302 Bible Doctrine IV (2) A systematic study regarding the church as God's unique undertaking in this dispensation and a presentation of the Baptist distinctive. A careful study is also made of the panorama of prophetic events.

T-SY 304 Apologetics/Christian Evidences and Contemporary Christendom (3) A formal study which defends, on the grounds of reason, the divine origin and authority of Christianity. The course includes a brief introduction to various apologetic systems, the value of apologetics, and extensive treatment of Christian evidences--particularly emphasizing the inspiration and reliability of the Bible, a brief look at the rise and influence of theological liberalism, and the major characteristics of New Evangelicalism.


Alan Cole, Th.D.
Co-Chair of the Division
of Bible and Theology

964.0601 ext. 227

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Cole came to Faith in 1999 with a rich background of Biblical and theological training. His keen insight into Biblical matters has helped continue Faith's strong tradition of excellence in Biblical and theological studies. While pursuing his training at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, he met his wife, Nancy, who was a teacher in a Christian school and was a Faith grad! The Coles have two sons and live in Ankeny. They are active members of Community Baptist Church in Ankeny.

• B.A., Bob Jones University
• M.Div. and Th.M., Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary
• Th.D., Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis

Teaching Experience
• Secondary Educator, InterCity Baptist High School, Allen Park, Michigan
• Instructor, Twin Cities Bible Institute, Minneapolis, Minnesota
• Adjunct Faculty, Central Baptist Theological Seminary, Plymouth, Minnesota
• Faculty, Pillsbury Baptist Bible College, Owatonna, Minnesota
• Faculty, Faith Baptist Bible College, Ankeny, Iowa

Advanced Eschatology
Doctrine I, II, III, IV
Doctrine Survey
Introduction to Bible Study
Senior Seminar  

Contact Dr. Cole to learn more about the Bible and Theology Division at Faith

Dr. Paul Hartog is one of those unusual professors who is both a nationally recognized scholar and a local church practitioner. Dr. Paul is regarded as an authority in the field of early church history and has published numerous articles and a major book. He also is involved in local church ministry as a youth pastor. Students appreciate how Dr. Paul brings a thorough Biblical perspective to his history, ethics, and philosophy classes.  Dr. Hartog and his family live in Des Moines and are active members of Maranatha Baptist Church in Grimes, where he serves as the youth pastor.

• Calvary Bible College
• B.A., Faith Baptist Bible College
• M.A. and M.Div., Faith Baptist Theological Seminary
• Certificate of Christian Apologetics, Biola University
• Certificate of Worship Studies, Webber Institute for Worship Studies
• Certificate of Nonprofit Management.
• M.A., Iowa State University
• Th.M., St. Andrew's Theological College
• Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago

Teaching and Ministry Experience
• Assistant Pastor, Slater Baptist Church, Slater, Iowa
• Research Assistant, Loyola University Chicago
• Reference Assistant and Library Instructor, Cudahy Library, Chicago
• Teaching Fellow and Lecturer, Loyola University Chicago
• Assistant to the Director, Center for Christianity and Culture, Chicago
• Associate Pastor, Bible Baptist Church, Romeoville, Illinois
• Assistant Pastor, Maranatha Baptist Church, Grimes, Iowa
• Faculty, Faith Baptist Bible College
• Adjunct Faculty, Faith Baptist Theological Seminary

American History
Contemporary Ethical Issues
Introduction to Philosophy
Systematic Theology I & II
Western Civilization I & II

Contact Dr. Hartog for more information about the Bible and Theology programs at Faith.

Paul A. Hartog, Ph.D.
Co-Chair of the Division
of Bible and Theology

964.0601 ext. 260

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The two-year Biblical Studies program at Faith is an attractive course of study because it gives students an accredited Associate of Arts degree they can use as a qualification for some employment opportunities or as a basis for pursuing a Bachelor's degree at Faith or at another college.

The two-year Biblical Studies program offers 37 hours of Bible and theology. That's more hours than students get in many four-year Christian liberal arts programs! This concentration of Bible and theology courses prepares students for successful Christian living and for effective service in their local churches.

Ministry Opportunities

Faith's two-year Biblical Studies program gives the student an accredited Associate of Arts degree. This degree qualifies for some employment opportunities that require an A.A. degree. This degree also includes some courses that can transfer to another college or university program in pursuit of a Bachelor's degree.

This degree is especially suited for individuals who want to serve in their local churches as teachers and leaders and for ladies who desire to serve the Lord as the wife of a pastor or missionary.


The two-year Bible program is ideal if you do not know yet where the Lord is leading you or you plan to transfer to another college or university for further training. This program will prepare you for life and for service for Christ no matter what you do.

The two-year Biblical Studies program at Faith includes 37 hours of Bible and theology classes:

• Introduction to Bible Study
• O.T. Law, History, and Poetry
• O.T. Prophets
• N.T. Survey    
• Christian Experience
• Doctrine I, II, III, IV   

• Romans
• Genesis
• Matthew
• Acts
• Apologetics

In addition, the program includes some general education and ministry-related courses.

• Personal Evangelism
• English I and II
• Music Appreciation
• The Family
• Introduction to Psychology and Counseling

• Introduction to Missions
• Western Civilization I
• Introduction to Literature
• Contemporary Ethical Issues

Faith offers two additional options for the two-year program:a Biblical Emphasis option that puts more Bible courses in the first year and a Biblical Worldview option that puts more general education in the first year.

Check the college catalog [link] for a list of all the courses you will take in the two-year Biblical Studies program.


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