pitchford sarah 1Sarah Pitchford

Boulder, Wyoming


1. What was your major at Faith?

Elementary Education


2. Where did you do your student teaching?

My first placement for student teaching was at Blue Ridge Christian School in Kansas City. I was placed in a 5th and 6th combined classroom. I absolutely loved my time there and learned a lot about time management and being flexible. My cooperating teacher was amazing and took time to teach and mentor me, which greatly aided in my success in student teaching. The Lord also taught me that a prepared heart is more important than a prepared lesson! I think Faith did a great job at preparing me for this experience not only professionally but also spiritually. 


My second placement was in Minneapolis at Fourth Baptist Christian School. I was placed in 4th grade which I also loved. I had an energetic class that was immediately on board with whatever activity I presented to them. After completing student teaching, I now feel equipped and prepared to teach my own classroom in the fall. God’s grace is sufficient to grow us through all circumstances and experiences!


3. So what’s after graduation?

I am excited to be able to spend my summer home in Wyoming where I will be working for the country. I love this job because I am able to be outside exploring God’s creation every day! It is a great opportunity to be a light for Christ in the community as I work with unsaved coworkers and interact with the community each day. I also have a two-week horse pack trip and a scenic trip to Glacier National Park planned for the summer with friends and family which will definitely be summer highlights.


 4. How are you going to use your education at Faith now that you have finished?

I have accepted a 6th grade teaching position at a Christian school in Vernal, Utah, this fall. I am very excited for the opportunity because I will be able to use what I have learned about being a Christian school teacher from Faith and implement it into my own classroom. I am also excited because I will be in an area that is known for its Mormon influence. I know that the Bible education I have received at Faith will greatly help me in my efforts to be a light to the community there in Utah.

5. What was one of your highlights studying at Faith?

Being a second semester transfer student, I was nervous in coming to Faith wondering if I would be able to find a “friend group” that I would fit into. However, from the day I stepped onto campus God gave me some wonderful friends that I am still close to today. One of my biggest highlights while at Faith was meeting godly friends that I know I will keep in touch with for the rest of my life. It was also amazing to take classes from professors who cared about me and want to see me succeed. The professors at Faith have made a huge impact in my life over the years.


6. How were you plugged in to extracurricular activities at Faith?

The main extracurricular activity I was able to participate in was the Lady Eagle’s volleyball team. I love volleyball, so it was a huge blessing to be able to play under amazing coaches and with amazing teammates. Being part of the team also taught me to be wholly dependent on God, as it is by His strength alone that I was able to play volleyball and keep up with my classes at the same time. I was also a member of the stage crew for the spring drama one year which was a fun new experience to be part of. I also was a greeter at several youth events on campus.


7. Why did you choose to study at Faith?

This is a long story that I know was completely the work of God in my life. Being from Wyoming, there were no Christian colleges near me. After my high school graduation I went to a Bible college in Wisconsin, but it was never the right fit for me. After a year, I came home and decided to take some online classes while I figured out where the Lord wanted me to be. I really wanted to go to an accredited Christian school, but none of the colleges I had heard about seemed like the right fit for me. One day, my mom googled Baptist Bible Colleges and Faith came up. I looked at the website and it seemed like a great school so I went ahead and called for information. I discovered that Faith was Biblically based, accredited, and has a strong elementary education program. This was the exact type of school I was looking for! Throughout my time of requesting info, applying, and getting my transcripts lined up, I had only positive experiences with Faith. Everyone I talked to was kind and seemed passionate about living for Christ. God made it very clear to me that this was where He wanted me to be. In January of 2010 I drove from Wyoming to Iowa to start classes! I had never been on campus and I didn’t know anyone there, but I knew that this was God’s will and that He would provide. I am SO glad I made the decision to come to Faith; it was one of the best decisions of my life!


Coming to Faith was one of the biggest “leaps of Faith” in my life. However, it was also one of the most rewarding. There is a spirit at Faith that you don’t find at a lot of other campuses. I grew leaps and bounds spiritually in my time at Faith, and I don’t think any other school could have prepared me better to work and serve in the “real world.” I would strongly recommend Faith to anyone, and I would love to see more young people from Wyoming attend there. I will miss Faith Baptist Bible College greatly, and I am extremely thankful for the time I was able to study at such a wonderful school.


8. What are you most looking forward to in your next step . . . whatever that may be?

To borrow the theme of Faith, I am most excited to take the Word to the World. I feel like attending Faith has prepared me not only to be a successful professional but also to be a dedicated Christian in my church and community. I am so excited that God has provided me a job where I can use my training in both the Bible and elementary education world. I want to impact my students and those that I encounter in the community for Christ as I start this phase in my life. God has blessed me with so much and I can’t wait to share with others what He has done for me.


jingst stacy 1Stacy Jingst

Sebring, Florida



1. What was your major at Faith?

Administrative Assistant/Women’s Ministry


2. Where did you do your internship?

In the Admissions Department at Faith


3. So what’s after graduation?

I'm headed to Peru for the summer to work with the Rojas. Mrs. Rojas is in charge of the women's ministries in their church plant. I'm excited to see what women's ministries looks like in a local church on the foreign field. In the fall I will be back at my college home church, Maranatha Baptist Church in Grimes, serving in the women's ministries program there.


4. How are you going to use your education at Faith now that you have finished?

This year (and I will continue in the fall when I return) I have been able to disciple a girl in my church, directly using what I learned from the class Mentoring Women. I didn't realize how quickly I'd put into practice what God was teaching me in the classroom—I was using it before I was even done with the class! That's just one example. I could go on with many examples from that class and other classes. 


5. What was one of your highlights studying at Faith?

Mrs. Hartog’s class, Devotional Preparation for Women, made a big impact on my life. She taught us how to study God's Word in a deeper way and then how to prepare devotionals for women. That class was a turning point for me. I haven't had the same perspective on God's Word since taking that class. Systematic Theology was probably my favorite class at Faith. This class took all of the doctrines that I had learned over my college years and put them together to where it finally made sense in a practical way. I learned so much about God's Word in this class! 


6. How were you plugged in to extracurricular activities at Faith?

I was involved in Faith Chorale all four years, and I served as the Chorale secretary for the last two years. God also gave me the opportunity to travel with the New Life music team for three summers. These music ministries are priceless and hold a very special place in my heart! I'm so thankful for these opportunities! I was a class secretary for my first two years at Faith, a room leader for my sophomore year, and I was a resident advisor for my Junior and Senior years. 


7. Why did you choose to study at Faith?

I feel God wants me in full-time ministry someday, and Faith is super solid on doctrine. I knew I didn't have to worry about slipping one way or another but that I would be taught truth from God's Word.


8. What are you most looking forward to in your next step . . . whatever that may be?

I'm most looking forward to simply using the knowledge that God has allowed me to learn by helping others grow spiritually and discipling others to become more like Christ. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing God's Word change people’s lives!

terlouw tyler 1Tyler Terlouw

Pella, Iowa


1. What was your major at Faith?

Pastoral Training/Greek


2. Where will you do your internship?

Following graduation, I will be doing a 12-week internship in Kokstad, South Africa, leading youth and adult Bible studies, ministering in the school church's school, and preaching in churches. 


3. So what’s after graduation?

When I return from the internship I will be working full time, helping in my church and taking seminary modules to further my education.


4. How are you going to use your education at Faith now that you have finished?

The education that I received at Faith is so valuable in many areas of my life. Faith has equipped me with a fuller understanding of God's Word as well as shown me the importance of loving people. I can apply what I have learned at Faith in my daily life. I will have a secular job as I go through seminary. What I have learned at Faith will help me tremendously as I seek to spread God's love to unsaved people. It will also help me to stay strong in my faith and to keep pursuing a life that is pleasing to the Lord. 


The major way in which I will use my education at Faith is in ministry. I desire to be in full-time ministry, and the things that I learned at faith will help me as I begin serving in different capacities. My long term goal is to be a missionary/pastor in South Africa, but I don’t know how God is going to work through me until I am able to do that. I am excited to see what ministries He will have for me, and I know that my time at Faith has prepared me to do those ministries. 


 5. What was one of your highlights studying at Faith?

I think one of the best things about studying at Faith is a faculty and staff that have a genuine care for the students. The professors always make sure you know they are available to meet outside of class. They care about more than just grades; they care about your spiritual walk and growth. Also, being plugged into a local church was a huge benefit of studying at Faith because not only do I learn about ministry in the classroom but I was also able to put it into practice every week in my local church.  


6. How were you plugged in to extracurricular activities at Faith?

Basketball, South Africa missions trips, Student Association officer, class officers, room leader. There are plenty of ways to get involved at Faith.


7. Why did you choose to study at Faith?

I chose to study at Faith because I want to be in full-time ministry. The school has outstanding professors, staff, and faculty. I truly think that as far as ministry majors are concerned, it is one of the elite schools in the nation. 


8. What are you most looking forward to in your next step . . . whatever that may be?

I am most looking forward to my internship this summer in South Africa. It will be a time when I can apply all that I have learned at Faith as well as be stretched by God so I can grow closer to Him. 


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