terlouw tyler 1Tyler Terlouw

Pella, Iowa


1. What was your major at Faith?

Pastoral Training/Greek


2. Where will you do your internship?

Following graduation, I will be doing a 12-week internship in Kokstad, South Africa, leading youth and adult Bible studies, ministering in the school church's school, and preaching in churches. 


3. So what’s after graduation?

When I return from the internship I will be working full time, helping in my church and taking seminary modules to further my education.


4. How are you going to use your education at Faith now that you have finished?

The education that I received at Faith is so valuable in many areas of my life. Faith has equipped me with a fuller understanding of God's Word as well as shown me the importance of loving people. I can apply what I have learned at Faith in my daily life. I will have a secular job as I go through seminary. What I have learned at Faith will help me tremendously as I seek to spread God's love to unsaved people. It will also help me to stay strong in my faith and to keep pursuing a life that is pleasing to the Lord. 


The major way in which I will use my education at Faith is in ministry. I desire to be in full-time ministry, and the things that I learned at faith will help me as I begin serving in different capacities. My long term goal is to be a missionary/pastor in South Africa, but I don’t know how God is going to work through me until I am able to do that. I am excited to see what ministries He will have for me, and I know that my time at Faith has prepared me to do those ministries. 


 5. What was one of your highlights studying at Faith?

I think one of the best things about studying at Faith is a faculty and staff that have a genuine care for the students. The professors always make sure you know they are available to meet outside of class. They care about more than just grades; they care about your spiritual walk and growth. Also, being plugged into a local church was a huge benefit of studying at Faith because not only do I learn about ministry in the classroom but I was also able to put it into practice every week in my local church.  


6. How were you plugged in to extracurricular activities at Faith?

Basketball, South Africa missions trips, Student Association officer, class officers, room leader. There are plenty of ways to get involved at Faith.


7. Why did you choose to study at Faith?

I chose to study at Faith because I want to be in full-time ministry. The school has outstanding professors, staff, and faculty. I truly think that as far as ministry majors are concerned, it is one of the elite schools in the nation. 


8. What are you most looking forward to in your next step . . . whatever that may be?

I am most looking forward to my internship this summer in South Africa. It will be a time when I can apply all that I have learned at Faith as well as be stretched by God so I can grow closer to Him. 

johnson ryan 1

Ryan Johnson 

Owatonna, Minnesota


1. What was your major at Faith?

Assistant Pastor with a Youth and Music minor 


2. Where did you do your internship?

I am currently finishing my internship at Grace Baptist Church in Mankato, Minnesota. I am learning a lot about what pastors have to do behind the scenes that many people never see.


3. So what’s after graduation?

This summer I will be working at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp as part of Faith’s camp team, the Contenders. This fall I plan to start seminary in the fall at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary.


4. How are you going to use your education at Faith now that you have finished?

I plan to use my education in my ministry at church for now. I work with the junior boys at my church during Sunday School, and I go calling on Wednesday nights. My long-term goal is to become an assistant pastor and help teens grow in Christ.


5. What was one of your highlights studying at Faith?

One of my highlights studying at faith would have to be Systematic Theology class. It put all of the doctrine classes together so I know what I believe and why.


6. How were you plugged in to extracurricular activities at Faith?

During my years at Faith I was involved in summer ministry teams, soccer, basketball, Chorale, the Student Association, and class leadership.


7. Why did you choose to study at Faith?

I started my college education at Pillsbury Baptist Bible College. When Pillsbury closed, I chose Faith because it was a great place to study for the ministry and because I already knew a few students attending Faith.


8. What are you most looking forward to in your next step . . . whatever that may be?

I am looking forward to starting in a youth ministry and applying all the things that I have learned in my classes. I want to use my Faith education to build into the lives of teens wherever God leads me.

nettletonkidsFaith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary is pleased to announce that the Faith Convocation Center has been named the Nettleton Center in honor of Dr. David Nettleton.


Dr. Nettleton was the president of Faith from 1965 to 1980 and moved the college from Omaha, Nebraska, to Ankeny, Iowa.


David Nettleton pastored churches in New York and Massachusetts before becoming the pastor of Grandview Park Baptist Church in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1963. In that role he took an interest in the possible relocation of Omaha Baptist Bible College to Ankeny. When OBBC’s president John L. Patten resigned because of health reasons in 1965, the school called David Nettleton to be its president.


Over the next few years David Nettleton led in raising money and building a new campus in  Ankeny. In 1969 he walked from Omaha to Ankeny to celebrate the completion of the sale of the Omaha campus and to raise money for a classroom building.


Dr. Nettleton left the presidency in 1980 and pastored churches in New Jersey and Florida before going to be with the Lord in 1993. 


The last building Dr. Nettleton built was the Gymnasium/Convocation Center, which opened in the fall of 1973. It is only fitting then that we name this building in his honor. The school held a special chapel on Tuesday, September 28, to highlight the ministry of David Nettleton and officially announce the name change. Jean Bierbaum, one of Dr. Nettleton's daughters, and her husband, Stephen (pictured above) from Alton, Illinois, were able to attend the special recognition service.


The Faith family is grateful for the life and ministry of David Nettleton and is pleased to perpetuate his legacy by naming this building in his honor.


Faith invites those who knew Dr. Nettleton to contribute to the David Nettleton Leadership Scholarship to enable current students to get a quality Bible education. Contact Faith’s Advancement Department at 1.800.407.3305.


Spring Chorale Tour

March 6–15

Attend one of the Chorale's concerts in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

Spring Chorale Concert

March 20

Join us on the Faith campus for the annual spring Chorale concert.

Scholarship Weekend

March 19-21

For seniors who have applied to Faith. Get to know Faith personnel and interview for substantial scholarships.

Faith Pulpit Day

March 30

This year's Faith Pulpit Day will focus on exposition in theology, preaching, and counseling.

Spring Instrumental Concert

April 10

Join us for a concert of sacred and classical music presented by the Faith Community Orchestra and Handbells.

Student Leadership Summit

April 16-18

Evangelist Will Galkin and Dr. Paul Hartog will help teens confront their culture rather than conform to it.

Chorale Concert at IRBC

April 18

The Chorale will present a special concert at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp for people in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota.

Commencement Weekend

May 7, 8

Find a full schedule of the 2015 commencement weekend events.


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