Standing Apart from the Crowd

What Makes the Faith Experience So Unique?

As one of the oldest and most respected Bible colleges in the country, Faith endeavors to set the standard for academic excellence and practical ministry opportunities for its students. Here are a few examples:

More Exposure to the Bible

• Faith's four-year majors earn 42-46 hours of Bible credit, which is almost double that of some other Christian colleges. Every student earns a double major at Faith:a major in Bible and a major in his or her selected program.Cole

• Our students study all ten doctrines over the course of two years as well as take a course in Systematic Theology (with internationally recognized professor Dr. Paul Hartog) or Senior Seminar (with theologian Dr. Alan Cole).

• Faith offers a complete Bible education. Our students take both Old and New Testament Survey as well as in-depth classes on several books of the Bible including Genesis, Matthew, Acts, and Romans.

• Our students leave Faith knowing how to study and apply God's Word to their lives. They learn these skills in the classroom, through their local churches, in the dorm, and in their interaction with our faculty and staff. There is no better place than Faith to cultivate these skills.

Real Life Ministry Opportunities

• Faith does not have a campus church, but rather we believe in and emphasize serving in local churches. Every Wednesday and Sunday our students are engaged in real life ministry in one of our 30 like-minded churches within a 30-mile radius of our campus.

• Faith sends teams of students to serve every summer in camps and churches across the nation. We also organize annual missions trips overseas.

• Faith provides several venues for our students to develop their leadership skills right here on campus by serving as resident advisors or class officers or by being involved in our Student Association, Student Missionary Fellowship, or one of our several other student led groups.

A Fully Accredited Experience

• Faith is FULLY accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and by the Association for Biblical Higher Learning. So Faith has achieved both national and regional accreditation. This accreditation means your degree holds the same academic integrity as a degree from universities like Harvard. It also means that if God would lead you on to another institution that has achieved full accreditation, many of your credits will transfer. Accreditation is especially important for education and nursing majors.

• Institutions accredited by TRACS and other accreditation bodies indicate those institutions' academic programs do not have the same overall recognized level of excellence.

• The classroom experience can make or break your college experience. At Faith the classroom experience is designed to be the highlight for our students. Many of our faculty members not only have earned doctorates, but they also have years of practical real life experience that brings the classroom to life.

Dynamic Campus LifeMixed

• Our Student Life Department has a well-balanced approach to expectations. The goal is to teach our students to develop Biblical discernment as they learn how to apply God's Word to their lives. Our desire is to teach our students how to live a Biblically balanced life in our world today.

• At Faith our Athletic Department has the mindset that athletics equals ministry. We strive to combine athletics and ministry in an effort to glorify God. This distinctive focus leads to excellence on and off the field. Students will have the opportunity to play competitively and use athletics as a means to minister and grow spiritually.

• We have a student body that genuinely wants to know God and is striving to love Him more. Our students have a heart for ministry and are actively serving on campus and within their local churches.

We would love to have you come and see this unique experience firsthand. Contact us to set up your visit anytime. Give us a call at 1.888.FAITH.4.U or register online at


Faith Introduces Two New Full-Tuition Scholarships

1. Students in the Pastoral and Missions programs** will receive full-tuition scholarships for their first two years at Faith. This means you will pay only $7500 per year to cover the cost of room, board, and fees. 

2. Students who are the first to enroll at Faith from their church or Christian school will receive a full-tuition scholarship for their first year at Faith. This means you will pay only $7500 to cover the cost of room, board, and fees.

These scholarships apply to full-time, on-campus students who enter in fall 2014 or fall 2015.

Click here to begin your application for fall 2014. (Students can begin applying for fall 2015 on August 15, 2014.)

Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 1.888.324.8448 with any questions.

One of the most respected Bible colleges just became the most affordable!


Requirements for Pastoral and Missions Scholarship

1. Student must have a reference form completed by a member of his/her local church recognizing God's call in his/her life into full-time ministry. 

2. Student must maintain a full-time enrollment status as an on-campus student.

3. Student must attend Scholarship Weekend and interview with the Admissions Department. 

4. Student must deposit by May 1.


Requirements for Church Scholarship

1. Student must have been a member at his/her church for a minimum of two years.

2. Student must be the first student to enroll from his/her church (church must be in doctrinal agreement with Faith).

3. Student must maintain a full-time enrollment status as an on-campus student.

4. Student must attend Scholarship Weekend and interview with the Admissions Department.

5. Student must deposit by May 1.


Requirements for Christian School Scholarship

1. Student must be the first student to enroll from his/her Christian school.

2. Student must have attended at least his/her senior year at a like-minded Christian school. 

3. Student must maintain a full-time enrollment status as an on-campus student.

4. Student must attend Scholarship Weekend and interview with the Admissions Department.

5. Student must deposit by May 1.


*Award amounts shall be the difference between the tuition charged and all other federal, state, and institutional aid received.

**Included programs are Missions (2-year and 4-year), Pastoral, and Assistant Pastor.



Walton Lecture Series

April 23-25

Dr. Roy Beacham from Central Baptist Theological Seminary will present this year's Walton Lecture Series on the topic of "Those Pesky Prophets: Toward a Clearer Understanding of Old Testament Prophecy."

Commencement Services

May 8, 9

Join graduates, family, and friends for our special Commencement events.


Dr. Paul Hartog Honored

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Board Appoints Interim President

The Board of Directors of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Ankeny, Iowa, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Ernie Schmidt as the interim president of the institution. Read More

Faith Ranked #1 Nationally

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