In its May meeting, the Board of Directors took some bold steps to re-energize Faith and move the school forward. The Board authorized six initiatives designed to increase enrollment and provide a better campus experience for students. Among the initiatives are

• New scholarships, especially for those in the pastoral and missions programs

• Additional resources for recruiting students

• Significant campus improvements to enhance the students’ experience at Faith


When students come back on campus this fall, they will see a re-energized Faith.

Look for more announcements in September and in the months to follow.


When you think of Bible and ministry training, think of Faith.

Reaching Halfway around the World

groupThirteen students and staff from Faith left campus on May 13 bound for South Africa and three weeks of hands-on ministry with missionaries, national pastors, and orphans. A semester’s-worth of training and preparation for the team was led by graduate and two-time team veteran, Tyler Terlouw. Team members were Julia Bray, Jared Callison, Alex Chavez, Grace Clement, Nick Harsh, Brenda Hendrickson, Paige Henggeler, Tim Jones, Ciara Kittelson, Ellen Odle, Seth Rosekopf, and Kimmy Terlouw. 


Their first ministry was in an Indian suburb of Durban. The team was involved in church repair and painting projects as well as outreach into the community. Their enthusiasm for ministry and love for South Africa only grew as the team spent the second leg of their journey in the rural farming community of Kokstad where they were involved in a variety of ministries connected with a church, Christian school, church plant, hospital, and orphanages. 


The final leg of the team’s ministry took place at Bethesda Children’s Village near Pretoria where the team lived on the property of an orphanage and spent hours each day living, working alongside, and loving orphans and the families taking care of them. Building deep, rich relationships with believers on the other side of the ocean and having the opportunity to “bear one another’s burden” was a privilege and a blessing that this team brought home with them. 


grace“There’s something really special and humbling about being a part of a project that impacts time and eternity. It was awesome to see a church plant’s building that our team helped to start a year ago come full circle this summer. The building is completed and is now a tool to reaching a community where the Gospel has not been preached. God’s people can accomplish great things together for His glory, and we got to experience that firsthand!” 

Grace Clement







kimmy“My favorite part of the trip was pouring out my love to the orphans in each of the orphanages. As we were playing with them, it immediately hit me that these kids were so happy with how much we loved them, but just imagine if they had hope and knew how much our Lord Jesus Christ loves them. What a privilege it was to share His love with them! 

Kimmy Terlouw


















nickOne thing that has really been impressed upon my mind as a result of the South Africa trip is the reality that God is working all over the world. Many times it is easy for me to go through life with blinders on and not be aware of what God is doing right next to me, but I was reminded through this trip that God is so much bigger than me. He is bigger than Iowa, and He is bigger than the United States. He is working in a big way ALL around the world, and to think that He still uses me is a humbling thought. How great is MY God!

Nick Harsh



sethThe highlight of the trip for me was visiting the village of Horseshoe, a small slum town, and going to a dirty, crowded tent for a Sunday church service. Worshipping alongside those South African believers was absolutely amazing. They literally had absolutely NOTHING, and yet they gave their tithes and offerings to God and worshiped Him with true sincerity. The body of Christ became so real to me that day!

Seth Rosekopf

limboThe class of 2016 and all of our returning students have arrived on campus! Every summer we count down the days as we anticipate the arrival of our students. We enjoy hearing how God used them in the summer, and we look forward to seeing what God will do through them throughout the year.  


This year’s Orientation Weekend kicked off with an opening welcome session for the class of 2016 and their parents, followed by games, s’mores, and dorm devotions. 


Our big freshmen activity was Faith’s very own version of The Amazing Race. Our upperclassmen led the freshmen and new students all around Ankeny to professors’ homes for various activities. We also have a great tradition of a Saturday night luau complete with coconut bowling, the limbo, and a movie and popcorn.


The students capped the orientation weekend by attending church services on Sunday and started classes on Monday morning.


We are thankful for the students God has led here to Faith, and we are looking forward to the opportunity to spend time with them in the classroom, in our homes, and serving with them in our area churches.


If you are interested in becoming part of the class of 2017 or have any questions about Faith, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  at 1.888.FAITH.4.U.LuauGirls


Youth Conference

April 17–19

Pastor David Tebbenkamp will challenge teens to live Unashamed.

Walton Lecture Series

April 23-25

Dr. Roy Beacham from Central Baptist Theological Seminary will present this year's Walton Lecture Series on the topic of "Those Pesky Prophets: Toward a Clearer Understanding of Old Testament Prophecy."

Commencement Services

May 8, 9

Join graduates, family, and friends for our special Commencement events.


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