jingst stacy 1Stacy Jingst

Sebring, Florida



1. What was your major at Faith?

Administrative Assistant/Women’s Ministry


2. Where did you do your internship?

In the Admissions Department at Faith


3. So what’s after graduation?

I'm headed to Peru for the summer to work with the Rojas. Mrs. Rojas is in charge of the women's ministries in their church plant. I'm excited to see what women's ministries looks like in a local church on the foreign field. In the fall I will be back at my college home church, Maranatha Baptist Church in Grimes, serving in the women's ministries program there.


4. How are you going to use your education at Faith now that you have finished?

This year (and I will continue in the fall when I return) I have been able to disciple a girl in my church, directly using what I learned from the class Mentoring Women. I didn't realize how quickly I'd put into practice what God was teaching me in the classroom—I was using it before I was even done with the class! That's just one example. I could go on with many examples from that class and other classes. 


5. What was one of your highlights studying at Faith?

Mrs. Hartog’s class, Devotional Preparation for Women, made a big impact on my life. She taught us how to study God's Word in a deeper way and then how to prepare devotionals for women. That class was a turning point for me. I haven't had the same perspective on God's Word since taking that class. Systematic Theology was probably my favorite class at Faith. This class took all of the doctrines that I had learned over my college years and put them together to where it finally made sense in a practical way. I learned so much about God's Word in this class! 


6. How were you plugged in to extracurricular activities at Faith?

I was involved in Faith Chorale all four years, and I served as the Chorale secretary for the last two years. God also gave me the opportunity to travel with the New Life music team for three summers. These music ministries are priceless and hold a very special place in my heart! I'm so thankful for these opportunities! I was a class secretary for my first two years at Faith, a room leader for my sophomore year, and I was a resident advisor for my Junior and Senior years. 


7. Why did you choose to study at Faith?

I feel God wants me in full-time ministry someday, and Faith is super solid on doctrine. I knew I didn't have to worry about slipping one way or another but that I would be taught truth from God's Word.


8. What are you most looking forward to in your next step . . . whatever that may be?

I'm most looking forward to simply using the knowledge that God has allowed me to learn by helping others grow spiritually and discipling others to become more like Christ. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing God's Word change people’s lives!


Faith Chorale Spring Concert

March 17

The Faith Chorale will present its annual spring concert March 17 at 7:00 pm. This concert will be held in the Nettleton Center.

Spring Alumni Dessert Fellowship

March 27, 7 pm

Join us for a time of fellowship with old classmates, and hear what's new at Faith.

Instrumental Spring Concert

April 7

The Faith Instrumental Ensembles will present their annual spring concert April 7 at 7:00 p.m. This concert will be held in the Nettleton Center.