Memorial Gifts
Inidividuals and families often like to give a gift to Faith in memory of a loved one or friend. The people listed below have given a gift to Faith in memory the people listed. Such a gift is a meaningful way to remember a loved one and to benefit the work of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary. Gifts listed were received between  April 2, 2014 and October 21, 2014. For information about a memorial gift, contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 1.800.409.3305.

In Memory of Doris Anderson

Rev. & Mrs. Donald Anderson

In Memory of Ardys Angstrom

Miss Kay Angstrom

In Memory of Lindell Bequette

Mrs. Geneva Bequette

In Memory of Evelyn Crown

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Domokos

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Wooster

In Memory of Chester Duer

Mrs. Neva Duer

In Memory of Neva Duer

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Ambs

Miss Patricia Duer

Mrs. Emma Dutton

Mrs. Dixie Gates

Mr. & Mrs. John Leonard

Miss Priscilla Miller

Mrs. Shirley Moor

Mrs. Mary Lynn Moore

Dr. & Mrs. Ernie Schmidt

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Wooster

In Memory of Vearl Friend

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Fincham

Mr. & Mrs. Larry McCool

Mrs. Martha Robinson

In Memory of Dr. Harry Gray

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Behrens

In Memory of Bob Horner

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Boe

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Fisher

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Horner

Miss Melissa Hult

Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Jeffrey

Mrs. Melody Mains

Miss Rachel Palma

Mr. Lloyd Poorman

Mrs. Elizabeth Siegel

Mrs. Betty Talmage

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Wooster

In Memory of Gene Matlock

Ankeny Baptist Church

Pastor & Mrs. Darrell Friar

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Fuller

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Fuller

Mrs. Barbro Garland

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Laird

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lykins

Ms. Becky Sue McRorie

Minnesota Association of Regular

  Baptist Churches

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Reed

In Memory of Dr. David Nettleton

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Behrens

In Memory of Roderick Powers

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Wooster

In Memory of Norman & Beverly Taylor

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Wooster

In Memory of Ray & Ruth Vaughan

National Christian Foundation

In Memory of Dr. Arthur B. Walton

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Behrens

In Memory of Williamine Woolworth

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Abbott











Spring Chorale Tour

March 6–15

Attend one of the Chorale's concerts in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

Spring Chorale Concert

March 20

Join us on the Faith campus for the annual spring Chorale concert.

Scholarship Weekend

March 19-21

For seniors who have applied to Faith. Get to know Faith personnel and interview for substantial scholarships.

Faith Pulpit Day

March 30

This year's Faith Pulpit Day will focus on exposition in theology, preaching, and counseling.

Spring Instrumental Concert

April 10

Join us for a concert of sacred and classical music presented by the Faith Community Orchestra and Handbells.

Student Leadership Summit

April 16-18

Evangelist Will Galkin and Dr. Paul Hartog will help teens confront their culture rather than conform to it.

Chorale Concert at IRBC

April 18

The Chorale will present a special concert at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp for people in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota.

Commencement Weekend

May 7, 8

Find a full schedule of the 2015 commencement weekend events.