Memorial Gifts
Inidividuals and families often like to give a gift to Faith in memory of a loved one or friend. The people listed below have given a gift to Faith in memory the people listed. Such a gift is a meaningful way to remember a loved one and to benefit the work of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary. Gifts listed were received between Octorber 10, 2013, and April 1, 2014. For information about a memorial gift, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Vice President for Advancement and Church Relations, at 1.678.234.6147 or the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 1.800.409.3305.

In Memory of Doris Anderson

Don and Elly Anderson

Miss Pat Duer

In Memory of Gene Ball

Miss Patricia Duer

In Memory of Lindell Bequette

Geneva Bequette

In Memory of Brian Betts

Darlene Palser

In Memory of Evelyn Crown

Mr. James Backus

Mr. & Mrs. Marlin Bergman

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Betz

Rev. & Mrs. Dave Blazer

Mr. & Mrs. William Blunk

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Branson

Mrs. Albert Buckler

Mr. & Mrs. James Bunton

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Burkhalter

Mr. & Mrs. James Bryan

Mrs. Darlene Campbell

Pastor & Mrs. Donald Collings

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry E. Davis

Pastor & Mrs. Richard Dayton

Mr. & Mrs. Glayne Doolittle

Mr. & Mrs. Rex Gwin

Charlene Haley

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Hennessey

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Higday

Rev. & Mrs. Norman Hoag

Miss Melissa Hult

Miss Joanne Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Kaiser

Mr. & Mrs. Galen Karas

Dr. & Mrs. Manfred Kober

Elma Lambert

Lela Lank

Dr. & Mrs. Bryan Larsen

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Lovely

Mrs. Patricia Lutz

Rev. & Mrs. Eugene Matlock

Dr. & Mrs. Michael O'Doonan

Miss Rachel Palma

Mrs. Ruth Peters

Mrs. Janice Pitcher

Miss Dawna Ray

Mrs. Harold Richey

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Schmerse

Dr. & Mrs. Ernie Schmidt

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Ziebart

In Memory of Tom & Mavis Denger and

Russell & Peggy Smith

Charles Denger

In Memory of Chester Duer

Mrs. Neva Duer

Miss Patricia Duer

In Memory of Gladys Gray

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Higday

Mrs. Joan Nichols

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Pence

Mr. & Mrs. James Bryan

Dr. & Mrs. Michael O'Doonay

Dr. & Mrs. Paul Gray

Rev. & Mrs. Dwayne LaFleur

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Hlad

In Memory of Debbie Grimes

Pastor & Mrs. James Grimes

In Memory of Everett Head 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Burkhart

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Silver

Mrs. Janice Pitcher

Mrs. Donna Mauer

In Memory of William & Beryl Kayser

William W. Kayser

In Memory of Dorothy Scholbohur

Rev. & Mrs. Eugene Matlock

In Memory of Dr. Arthur B. Walton

Dr. & Mrs. Michael O'Doonan












October 4

Make plans to attend the premier youth group event this fall. Evangelistic emphasis so teens can bring their friends.