Memorial Gifts
Inidividuals and families often like to give a gift to Faith in memory of a loved one or friend. The people listed below have given a gift to Faith in memory the people listed. Such a gift is a meaningful way to remember a loved one and to benefit the work of Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary. Gifts listed were received between  April 2, 2014 and October 21, 2014. For information about a memorial gift, contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 1.800.409.3305.

In Memory of Doris Anderson

Rev. & Mrs. Donald Anderson

In Memory of Ardys Angstrom

Miss Kay Angstrom

In Memory of Lindell Bequette

Mrs. Geneva Bequette

In Memory of Evelyn Crown

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Domokos

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Wooster

In Memory of Chester Duer

Mrs. Neva Duer

In Memory of Neva Duer

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Ambs

Miss Patricia Duer

Mrs. Emma Dutton

Mrs. Dixie Gates

Mr. & Mrs. John Leonard

Miss Priscilla Miller

Mrs. Shirley Moor

Mrs. Mary Lynn Moore

Dr. & Mrs. Ernie Schmidt

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Wooster

In Memory of Vearl Friend

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Fincham

Mr. & Mrs. Larry McCool

Mrs. Martha Robinson

In Memory of Dr. Harry Gray

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Behrens

In Memory of Bob Horner

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Boe

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Fisher

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Horner

Miss Melissa Hult

Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Jeffrey

Mrs. Melody Mains

Miss Rachel Palma

Mr. Lloyd Poorman

Mrs. Elizabeth Siegel

Mrs. Betty Talmage

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Wooster

In Memory of Gene Matlock

Ankeny Baptist Church

Pastor & Mrs. Darrell Friar

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Fuller

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Fuller

Mrs. Barbro Garland

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Laird

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lykins

Ms. Becky Sue McRorie

Minnesota Association of Regular

  Baptist Churches

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Reed

In Memory of Dr. David Nettleton

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Behrens

In Memory of Roderick Powers

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Wooster

In Memory of Norman & Beverly Taylor

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Wooster

In Memory of Ray & Ruth Vaughan

National Christian Foundation

In Memory of Dr. Arthur B. Walton

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Behrens

In Memory of Williamine Woolworth

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Abbott











Ministry in Focus Weekend

February 5-7, 2015

Are you considering full-time ministry? Join us for this special weekend to talk to pastors and missionaries and learn more about ministry.

Scholarship Weekend

March 19-21, 2015

For seniors who have applied to Faith. Get to know Faith personnel and interview for substantial scholarships.

Student Leadership Summit

April 16-18, 2015

Evangelist Will Galkin and Dr. Paul Hartog will help teens confront their culture rather than conform to it.