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Check out also the updates about Faith, Omaha, and Denver alumni.

Faith Reception at the GARBC Conference
Alumni and friends of Faith always enjoy getting together for their reception at the GARBC Conference. This year's conference will be held in St. Petersburg, Florida, June 23-27, with our reception scheduled for Wednesday, June 25. You will have an opportunity to catch up with friends and see the new Faith videos. Check the GARBC Conference website for details about the conference.

Dr. Paul Hartog Honored
HartogPDr. Paul Hartog, Faith's vice president for academic services and dean of the college, was recently honored by being included in a listing titled "100 Remarkable Professors and Scholars Theology Students Should Know About." Click here to find that listing; Dr. Hartog is #43 on the list. The listing is not in any specific order other than the region of the country where the individuals teach. We always knew Dr. Paul is worthy of special honor. Now someone else has recognized that too!


Faith Honors Tim Crown
crownpark1The Faith pond underwent major renovation last summer. We dredged the pond, put fountains in it, and put sod around it. We poured concrete and built a gazebo. We added a fire pit, seating, picnic tables, grills, landscaping, and lighting. It is now much more than a pond—it is a park for our students to enjoy.

When we considered a name for our park, we did not go through a list of several possibilities. The obvious and only choice for us was to call it Crown Park in honor of Tim Crown, our dean of students for 20 years from 1988 to 2008. Tim loved students, and he always had a desire to see that area on our campus be developed into something more for our students. (He also enjoyed fishing in that pond and helped to stock it!)

On Wednesday, October 30, we had a special service at the close of chapel to honor Tim and his wife Carolyn and officially name the park in Tim's honor. crownpark2Tim and Carolyn's daughter, Kim Domokos, and their son, Greg, and his family joined us for the special event. Tim's sister Karen Houghton and his brother Dave (who surprised Tim by coming from Minnesota) also attended. Shon Lundberg, who served as Tim's dean of men and later became the dean of students, gave a meaningful tribute to Tim. After the chapel service, the family went to Crown Park (barely beating the rain) for photos.

Faith is thankful for the ministry of Tim Crown. He established standards of excellence in the dean's ministry that continues to today.


Faith Ranks #1
Facebook recently surveyed its users to find out how many of them married someone from the same school or college they attended. It surveyed those over age 25 who had listed a college in the United States. The survey found that 28% of married couples went to the same college. The story then listed the top 25 colleges where men and women found their spouses. Faith was ranked the number one college for men to find their wives and the number four college for women to find their husbands. You might wonder, "What does Faith think about the results of this survey?" Here is the response we shared with a media outlet that contacted us:

"We think it is a great thing that so many of our students find their spouses here at Faith. While our purpose is not to facilitate such relationships, they naturally develop because many of our students are here for the same purpose—to pursue God's plan for their lives. Because most of our students come from similar backgrounds, it is easy for students to find spouses with whom they agree in beliefs and philosophy of life.

Our students have so many opportunities to interact through athletics, international missions trips, local church involvement, and an active campus life. A natural result from these opportunities is guys and girls developing meaningful relationships that frequently lead to marriage. A strong, Christ-centered marriage is a wonderful gift, and we are thankful that Faith is a place where students can develop relationships that lead to these types of marriages." 





Youth Conference

April 17–19

Pastor David Tebbenkamp will challenge teens to live Unashamed.

Walton Lecture Series

April 23-25

Dr. Roy Beacham from Central Baptist Theological Seminary will present this year's Walton Lecture Series on the topic of "Those Pesky Prophets: Toward a Clearer Understanding of Old Testament Prophecy."

Commencement Services

May 8, 9

Join graduates, family, and friends for our special Commencement events.