Mrs. Martha Hartog

Mrs. Martha Hartog
2012 Alumna of the Year

Martha Hartog has been involved in education in one way or another almost her entire life. Her father was a Bible Institute professor, and later a seminary professor and president in Guatemala. Her mother was a Christian school teacher. Martha was saved after chapel one day at the Christian school where her mother taught.

When Martha was 11 years old, her family moved to Dallas, Texas, where her father pursued degrees at Southern Methodist University and Dallas Theological Seminary, including a doctorate in theology.

While Martha was in high school in Dallas, she met John Hartog, her future husband, who was a student Dallas seminary. Because of the nine-year age difference, her parents said that the only date they could have was walking to church and that she had to be home by 9:00 on Sunday evening. Her future husband must have been captivated by her brilliant smile because he agreed to those terms.

After a while, Martha broke off the relationship, wondering if she perhaps should consider a younger man. However, her parents liked John so much that they regularly had him over to their home for private Spanish lessons—at least that was the reason they gave! Martha soon realized the value of a more mature, godly man, so they got back together again.

After graduating from high school, Martha went to Wheaton College with an interest in Pre-Med, and her parents went back to Guatemala to resume teaching.

After a semester at Wheaton, she returned to Dallas where she married John in 1963.

Their wedding day had an interesting twist. She, along with the rest of the wedding party, was locked out of the church.  She had to be hoisted through an upper story window to allow her to reach the back of the center aisle without being noticed by the congregation. This story, along with an accompanying photograph, made the paper in the Dallas Morning News and was picked up by the Associated Press.

Martha Hartog then began a lifetime of involvement with her husband in the field of education.

• From 1966 to 1967 she was a pastor’s wife in Lipscomb, Texas.

• In 1967 the couple accepted a position at the Montana Institute of the Bible and she was involved as a teacher in a Child Evangelism Fellowship ministry.

• From 1968 to 1970 John and Martha served at Faith Baptist Bible College.

• From 1970 to 1972 she was a library clerk at Dallas Theological Seminary.

• From 1973 to 1974 she was a library clerk at Montana Institute of the Bible.

• From 1973 to 1977 she was the dean of women at Montana Institute of the Bible.

• In 1984 she earned her bachelor’s degree at Faith. She graduated with highest honors and had one of the highest GPAs in our school’s history. On her senior capstone Bible exam she missed only one question. Only one other student has ever equaled that mark.

• From 1984 to 1989 she was the secretary to the academic dean at Calvary Bible College in Kansas City.

• From 1990 to 1998 she was the assistant librarian at Faith.

• From 1995 to 2005 she was the pastor’s wife at Maranatha Baptist Church in Grimes, Iowa. During those years she developed a vibrant local church women’s ministry program.

• In May of 2001 she graduated with a Master of Arts degree from Faith Baptist Theological Seminary, summa cum laude of course.

• In the fall of 2001 Martha Hartog initiated and developed the women’s ministry program here at Faith and continues to teach those courses. For the last eleven years, she has been a mentor to her beloved students in the Women’s Ministry Program. She has emphasized the foundations of Biblical theology and a sound philosophy of ministry, as well as practical skills and methods.

Mrs. Martha Hartog is the wife of an educator (Dr. John II), the mother of two educators (Dr. John III and Dr. Paul), and since 2001 has been an educator in her own right. Because of her role in education, she was honored as the 2012 Alumna of the Year in the category of Educator.



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