Winners of Alumnus of the Year Awards

Pastor and Assistant Pastor

John Kain (1970)
Eldon Weaver (1976)
Timothy Crown (1982)
Charles Hawkins (1988)
Miles Grismore (1994)
Curtis DeGraaff (2001)
Duke Crawford (2008)
Patrick Odle (2015)

 Assistant Pastor
Mickey Farlow (1995)
Kevin Mungons (2002)
Gene Matlock (2009)
James Reynolds (2015)

U.S.A. and Foreign Missionaries
 U.S.A. Missionaries 
Harold Nieman (1971)
Allen Adler (1977)
Lee Hutchinson (1983)
Louis Miller (1989)
Dean Button (1996)
Ralph Boersma (2003)
Bill and Deb Edmondson (2011)

 Foreign Missionaries
Robert Meyer (1972)
Chuck Cook (1978)
Harold Dark (1984)
Knute Orton (1990)
Stephen and Evelyn Stilwell (1997)
Virgil and Delores Bunjer (2004)
John and Bev Leonard (2011)

Educator (male and female)
Evelyn Pittman (1973)
Charles Bergerson (1979)
Richard Fleming (1985)
Dick McWilliams (1991)
Russell Glessner (1998)
Dr. John Hartog III (2005)
Martha Hartog and Kevin Bauder (2012)

Christian Worker (male and female) 
Theresa Moore (1974)
Judy Matlock (1980)
Ron Abbas (1986)
Don Anderson (1992)
Chuck Nichols (1999)
Phil Betz (2006)
Pat Duer and Darrell Goemaat (2013)

Lay Person (male and female)
Ron Hlad (1975)
Chuck Nilius (1981)
Larry Laird (1987)
Bruno Smith (1993)
Jim Wolfe (2000)
Jim Bryan (2007)
Sandi Nihart and John Javaux (2014)

 The 2015 Alumni of the Year award will go to a pastor and assistant pastor.

Honorary Alumni
From time to time the Faith Alumni Association recognizes a person as an honorary alumnus. This title is given to an individual who did not graduate from Faith but who has made a significant contribution to the institution. We have recognized the following individuals as honorary alumni:

Dr. John L. Patten (1970)
Mr. Vernon R. Bliss (1977)
Dr. Harry B. Gray (1981)
Mrs. John L. (Hazel) Patten (1984)
Dr. Arthur B. Walton (1985)
Dr. Donald Brong (1986)
Mr. Herb Brudtkuhl (1987)
Mrs. Norma Shipp (1988)
Mr. William Parmerlee (1989)
Dr. Robert L. Domokos (1990)
Dr. David Nettleton (1991)
Dr. David Boylan (1993)
Dr. Manfred Kober (1994)
Mrs. Marilyn Tollenaar (2010)
Mrs. Gladys Gray (2012)




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Refresh Conference

February 9–12

A specialized conference for pastors and wives to refresh you in your ministry

Scholarship Weekend

March 17–19

High School seniors: spend a weekend at Faith interviewing for scholarships.

Student Leadership Summit

April 14–16

Hear Carl Kerby and Dr.Jonathan Sarfati address the theme of Creation: The Great Debate.