Student Life at Faith


Dorm Ball Playoffs: April 2014
The basketball intramural season is winding down! This is the last week of their normal season. On Monday and Wednesday nights the various dorm and staff teams play at 9:00 p.m. 
Missions Conference: May 31-April 4
We invite you to join the Faith Family for our annual Missions Conference. The theme "Worth it all" focuses on the concept that serving the Lord in missionary work is worth it all.
SOS Survey: April 5
SOS stands for "Student's Offering Services". Our students will canvass around Ankeny on the 5th of April and inquire about Spring cleaning or odd jobs that they could accomplish for members of the community free of cost. They will actually complete these jobs on May 3. If you would like help with gutters, yardwork, painting, etc, please call 515-422-5820 and ask for Jessie.
Chorale Travel: April 5
Live near Carlisle, Iowa? Come to Missionary Baptist Church to hear the chorale's concert, "Only God", and prepare to be blessed.
Instrumental Ensembles Travel: April 13
Location coming soon.
Day of Prayer: April 16
Each semester Faith takes one day to highlight the importance of prayer in the life of a believer. The students will not have class, but instead spend their normal class hours in both personal and corporate prayer.
Youth Conference: April 17-19
We are looking forward to having new faces on campus during Faith's annual Youth Conference. Pastor Dave Tebbenkamp from First Baptist Church in Creston, Iowa, will challenge teens to be UNASHAMED. 
Walton Lecture Series: April 23-25
Dr. Roy Beacham will be speaking in both the college and seminary chapels during the annual Walton Lecture Series. We are looking forward to having him on campus, and learning with him from God's Word.
Chorale Travel: April 26-27
Live near Omaha, NE or Walnut, IA? Come to Temple Baptist Church in Omaha or Calvary Baptist Church in Walnut to hear the chorale's concert, "Only God", and prepare to be blessed.
Spring Banquet: April 25
Yes, the time has come. Spring Banquet 2014 is being put on by the Junior Class here at FBBC. Details will come soon!
SOS: May 3
SOS = Students Offering Services. If you live in Ankeny, please let our students know they can be of service to you! No job is too small...gutters, yardwork, painting, etc. Please call 515-422-5820 and ask for Jessie.

Who wants to be sitting alone in the dorm on a Friday night? Exactly! So we invented our very own Fight Against Boredom activities for every Friday night there isn’t something else happening on campus. We are excited to spend time with our students and help them connect with others. 

vballfriSand Volleyball: September 6
Volleyball at sunset on a summer night? Smore's lightly browned over  charcoal? Yes Please! Students had a fun time at the first FAB Friday event of the year. 
Corn Maze: October 4
We packed up the shuttles and headed out to the Geisler Farms corn maze to get the full "Fall in Iowa" experience. Real Iowans like to plant corn, eat corn, and walk around in corn!
Bonfire: October 11
This summer the Faith Pond area was renovated and several items were added: a gazebo, picnic benches, and a firepit! On October 11 we went to enjoy the gifts God has blessed us with and relax around a fire at the pond. 
Pumpkin Carving: October 18
Messy? Yes. Smelly? Maybe. A Blast? Positively! Our students enjoyed a fun-filled FAB Friday carving some fall decor with their friends.
ThanksChristmasGiving Party: November 15
This Friday we are welcoming the Christmas spirit, while not forgetting about Thanksgiving! We are going to decorate both fall and Christmas cookies, decorate the Christmas tree in the Student's Center, and show our appreciation for our troops by sending them evangelistic encouraging Christmas cards. Let's turn the focus off ourselves, and have a party for the benefit of others (except for the cookies :) )!
Big Ball Volleyball: January 24
Join us in the gym for some giant size volleyball! Athletic or not, everyone gets excited about a gigantic beach ball, right?
Wii Tournament: February 21

Has Sochi inspired you? Come give your favorite Wii Sport a go this Friday! #thisismyeverywhere


Basketball and Boardgames: March 28


Come watch the March Madness and enjoy some catch phrase during the commercial breaks! There will be cookies. :)


We want to keep you in the know as to what is happening here at Faith with our students. Stay tuned for updates and pictures about student life throughout each week of the semester. We are excited about what God is doing here at Faith and want to share it with you! 

Monday, March 31, 7:00 p.m. Missions Conference
                                  9:00 p.m. Dorm Ball Playoffs
Wednesday, April 2, 9:00 p.m. Dorm Ball Playoffs
Thursday, April 3, 9:00 p.m. Open Dorms
Friday, April 4, 9:00 p.m. FAB Friday Activity  
Saturday, April 5 SOS Survey 

Aaron Moore and Emily Scherer: St. Ansgar, Iowa

DSC 0088I am currently a Junior at Faith Baptist Bible College and I will be getting married May 23 to Emily Scherer! St. Ansgar Baptist Church in St. Ansgar, Iowa, has extended a gracious invitation for Emily and me to be the pastor and wife of the church. Currently, Emily is serving faithfully at Missionary Baptist Church in Carlisle, and St. Ansgar has called me as the interim pastor until this summer. They understand that both Emily and I still have school to finish and have graciously worked with us concerning that issue. I am excited to see what God has in store for Emily and me at St. Ansgar Baptist Church.



Youth Conference

April 17–19

Pastor David Tebbenkamp will challenge teens to live Unashamed.

Walton Lecture Series

April 23-25

Dr. Roy Beacham from Central Baptist Theological Seminary will present this year's Walton Lecture Series on the topic of "Those Pesky Prophets: Toward a Clearer Understanding of Old Testament Prophecy."

Commencement Services

May 8, 9

Join graduates, family, and friends for our special Commencement events.


Dr. Paul Hartog Honored

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Board Appoints Interim President

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