Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree program is the standard seminary program for preparing God-called individuals to serve Him as pastors, missionaries, teachers, and other leaders in vocational church ministry.

• It gives students a basic foundation in their understanding of Scripture.
• It helps students develop personal convictions regarding the doctrinal teaching of the Word of God.
• It encourages students to mature in their daily walk with the Lord and to increase in their love for the Scriptures.
• It helps students develop qualities of Christian character, leadership, and worldwide vision.
• It equips them to be able expositors of Scripture.
• It develops within them a love for people, especially those to whom they shall minister.

Upon successful completion of the Master of Divinity degree, students should
1. evidence a commitment to the Lord and to His work by

a. demonstrating to the faculty and to the students’ pastors a close relationship with God;
b. exhibiting to the faculty and to the students’ pastors exemplary Christian character, and
c. serving faithfully and effectively within a local church during the time  of seminary enrollment.

2. evidence awareness of the history and current status of Baptist fundamentalism and demonstrate an appreciation for its distinctives by

a. completing courses in the history of fundamentalism and contemporary  Christianity; and  
b. developing discernment and resolute doctrinal convictions as evidenced  in course assignments.

3. evidence an ability to serve effectively in vocational Christian ministry by

a. completing prescribed courses in church ministry;
b. successfully completing a ministry internship;
c. providing satisfactory essay answers on the ministry assessment exam;
d. exhibiting sensitivity to others and to their needs throughout their seminary training; and
e. providing satisfactory answers during the senior oral exam.

4. evidence an advanced knowledge of the Bible by

a. completing prescribed courses in Biblical studies and in the Biblical languages;
b. demonstrating increased competency on the cognitive assessment exam; and
c. providing satisfactory answers during the senior oral exam.

5. evidence an advanced knowledge of the systematic truths of the Bible and the history of Christianity by

a. completing prescribed courses in systematic theology and church history;
b. demonstrating increased competency on the cognitive assessment exam; and
c. providing satisfactory answers during the senior oral exam.

6. evidence an ability to communicate effectively the meaning of scripture by

a. completing prescribed courses in homiletics or pedagogy; and
b. preaching an exemplary senior sermon in seminary chapel that is logical in design, expository in nature, and compelling in delivery (for men only).

Admission Requirements
This program admits students with diverse college backgrounds. University, liberal arts college, and Bible college graduates are all encouraged to apply. Students are permitted to transfer a maximum of 60 acceptable graduate credits into the M.Div. program.

Graduation Requirements
Candidates must have completed at least 36 credits while in residence and at least 96 total semester credits (including all requirements pertaining to the degree) with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0. In addition to completing all classroom work, candidates must have evidenced ability in ministry, solidarity of Christian character, definiteness of purpose, and firm doctrinal convictions to the satisfaction of the faculty. Candidates should provide such evidence during their senior interviews, which are based on the accumulated contents of their assessment portfolios.

Student Assessment Portfolios
Christian Service Evaluations. Pastors will evaluate the Christianservice experiences of students every year.

Student Perceptions and Ministry Aspirations Assessment. This assessment is completed during the annual Assessment Day of the student's first and final years. The Student Perceptions Assessment deals with seminary culture issues and provides data for institutional decision makers. This part of the assessment is taken anonymously, and it is not placed in the students' portfolios. The MinistryAspirations Assessment gives some indication concerning studentaffective competencies, and it is placed in the students' portfolios.

Ministry Case Study Exam. All second-year students take this test during the annual Assessment Day. It assesses behavioral aptitudes, and its answers are placed in the students' portfolios.

Ministry Internship Assessment. All M.Div. students complete therequisite ministry internship/apprenticeship after the conclusion of theirfourth semester of study. The chair of the Pastoral Studies Departmentoversees the internships. A letter of evaluation is generated by the hostpastor and is included in the portfolios.

Senior Sermon. Seniors preach a sermon in seminary chapel during thefall or spring of their senior year. These sermons are video-recorded, andthe professor of homiletics fills out an evaluation form. This componentassesses the specific behavioral aptitude of homiletic skill. The videorecordings and evaluations are placed in the students' portfolios.

Theology Paper. Students will choose one of their theology papers tobe placed in their portfolios.

Biblical Languages Exam. M.Div. seniors complete the Biblicallanguages exam on Assessment Day. This assessment tool tests thespecific cognitive ability of language acumen. Scores are placed in the portfolios.

Cognitive Exam. M.Div. seniors complete the cognitive exam duringtheir final semester on the annual Assessment Day. The exam assessescognitive ability in the areas of Biblical, pastoral, and theological studies.

Junior Year (First Year)

B-AN 815 Greek Grammar I*

2 hrs.

B-AN 816 Greek Grammar II*

2 hrs.

B-RE 811 Old Testament Seminar

3 hrs.

B-RE 812 New Testament Seminar

3 hrs.

M-PT 831 Church Evangelism

 2 hrs.

M-PT 845 Introduction to Biblical Counseling

 2 hrs.

T-HI 821 Church History I

2 hrs.

T-HI 822 Church History II 

2 hrs.

T-HI 831 History of Fundamentalism 

2 hrs.

T-HI 856 Contemporary Christianity 

2 hrs.

T-SY 811 Systematic Theology I

3 hrs.

T-SY 812 Systematic Theology II

3 hrs.

T-SY 882 Theological Research 

 1 hr.


 3 hrs.


Total 32 hrs.

*Those who have had Greek Grammar I and II may take Greek Exegesis I and II in their first year or two-hour electives.

**Those who have not previously had a course in the history of Baptist faith adn practice are required to include T-HI 857 in their M.Div. program.

Middler Year (Second Year)

B-AN 812 First Corinthians   

2 hrs.

B-AN 814 Pastoral Epistles

2 hrs.

B-AN 817 Greek Exegesis I*

2 hrs.

B-AN 818 Greek Exegesis II

2 hrs.

B-AN 825 Hebrew Grammar I

3 hrs.

B-AN 826 Hebrew Grammar II 

3 hrs.

B-RE 882 Hermeneutics

2 hrs.

M-PT 801 Homiletics I

3 hrs.

M-PT 802 Homiletics II

3 hrs.

M-PT 806 Ministry Internship I

 1 hr.

M-PT 811 Theology of Missions**

2 hrs.

M-PT 835 Church Administration I               

2 hrs.

Biblical Counseling Elective 

 2 hrs.


3 hrs.


Total 32 hrs.

* Those who have had Greek Exegesis I and II may take two-hour electives.
** Or Theological Issues in Missions (M-PT 810)

Senior Year (Third Year)

B-AN 821 Greek Exegesis III

 2 hrs.

B-AN 822 Greek Exegesis IV

 2 hrs.

B-AN 855 Hebrew Exegesis I      

2 hrs.

B-AN 856 Hebrew Exegesis II

2 hrs.

M-PT 807 Ministry Internship II

1 hr.

M-PT 803 Preaching Seminar I

2 hrs.

M-PT 804 Preaching Seminar II

2 hrs.

M-PT 812 Pastoral Theology

2 hrs.

M-PT 832 Church Planting 

 2 hrs.

T-SY 821 Systematic Theology III

3 hrs.

T-SY 822 Systematic Theology IV               

   3 hrs.


9 hrs.


Total 32 hrs.

*Those who have not previously had a course in the history of Baptist faith and practice are required to include T-HI 857 in their M.Div. program.


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Scholarship Weekend

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Faith Pulpit Day

March 30

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Spring Instrumental Concert

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Student Leadership Summit

April 16-18

Evangelist Will Galkin and Dr. Paul Hartog will help teens confront their culture rather than conform to it.

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April 18

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May 7, 8

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