Master of Arts in Practical Theology

This degree offers advanced work for graduates of accredited Bible colleges.The purpose of the program is to build upon the education of those who have already taken a college major in Pastoral Studies, Biblical Counseling, Missions, and related Biblical subjects. This program stresses the importance of the application of material gained onthe undergraduate level.

• It relates theology to the practice of pastoral ministry in an integrative program primarily within the context of the local church.
• It helps the student develop professional skills for pastoral ministry and relate the Christian faith to the problems of society.
• It develops within students a higher level of competency in the ministry than that which is normally attained on the undergraduate level.
• It strengthens the personal disciplines needed in discharging pastoral responsibilities.
• It develops the abilities of the student to communicate the messageof God by word and by life.

Program Goals
Upon successful completion of the M.A. in Practical Theology degree, students should be able to
• minister with a servant’s heart;
• understand both academically and experientially the scope of practical ministry;
• grasp the information and tools necessary to have an effective Biblical Counseling ministry;
• demonstrate and understanding of the administrative skills needed for office effectiveness and corporate ministry organization;
• develop expositional skills that incorporate various facets of their seminary training; and
• communicate the message of the Bible in a variety of ministry situations with skill and effectiveness.

Admission Requirements
A minimum of 30 semester hours of Bible and theology at the undergraduate level, or their equivalent, is required before admission will be granted to the M.A. in Practical Theology program. A grade point average of 3.0 or higher is expected in one’s undergraduate work. Students are permitted to transfer a maximum of 12 acceptable graduate credits into this program.

Students pursuing pastoral ministry should have had at least 2 semesters of homiletics and an apprenticeship as a part of their undergraduate experience. This requirement may be waived, at the discretion of the seminary faculty, for those who have at least one year of full-time pastoral experience.

Graduation Requirements
A candidate in the M.A. in Practical Theology program must have completed all courses with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 and must have completed all requirements pertaining to the degree program. This program requires 36 hours of graduate study, at least 18 of which must be in the major field. In addition to completing all classroom work and degree program requirements, the candidate must have evidenced ability in ministry, solidarity of Christian character, and definiteness of purpose to the satisfaction of the faculty.

M.A. by Module and Online Courses
Students may complete the M.A. in Practical Theology degree in residence, or they may complete the degree without relocating to the Ankeny area by taking only module and online courses.  After completing 9 credits, module/online students must apply to a degree program and be assigned a resident faculty advisor. Students who fail to apply to the degree program will not be allowed to put any additional credits toward the degree. Therefore, students should apply to the degree program when or before they reach the nine-credit limit.


B-RE 811 Old Testament Seminar 

 3 hrs.

B-RE 812 New Testament Seminar

 3 hrs.

B-RE 841 Introduction to Biblical Exegesis*        

3 hrs.

M-PT 800 Ministry Internship

2 hrs.

M-PT 812 Pastoral Theology

2 hrs.

T-HI 831 History of Fundamentalism

 2 hrs.

T-HI 856 Contemporary Christianity

 2 hrs.

T-SY 841 Theology Seminar** 

 3 hrs.

T-SY 882 Theological Research 

 1 hr.

Electives (14 in Practical Theology)

15 hrs.


Total 36 hrs.

Required courses make up 4 hours of Practical Theology. Therefore, at least 14 hours must be chosen from other courses in the Practical Theology Department in order to bring the major field credits to 18.

*Students may substitute Hermeneutics of they have completed one year of Greek or Hebrew grammar in college or seminary.
**Not required if taking T-SY 811, 812, 821, 822.








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