Programs at FBTS

Students come to seminary with different backgrounds and needs. Whatever your background or goal in life, FBTS offers a degree that will fit you.
• Master of Arts in Religion:for the liberal arts college graduate who does not have a strong background in Bible and theology. Gives a persona better understanding of the Scripture to aid them in their service for Christ as lay leaders in their churches.
• Master of Arts in Biblical Studies:for teachers, missionaries, and church workersholding Bible college degrees who sense the need for a year of spiritual andmental refreshment and a deeper study of the Scriptures.
• Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies:advanced work for graduates of accredited Bible colleges, building upon the education of a college major in Pastoral Studies and related Biblicalsubjects.
• Master of Arts in Theological Studies:fora person who has a basic graspof Bible doctrine who wants to build on that foundation and gain a greaterunderstanding of and appreciation for the greatness of God and Hisrevelation to man.
• Master of Divinity:the standard seminaryprogram for preparing God-called individuals to serve Him as pastors,missionaries, teachers, and other leaders in vocational church ministry.For people with diverse college backgrounds.


Youth Conference

April 17–19

Pastor David Tebbenkamp will challenge teens to live Unashamed.

Walton Lecture Series

April 23-25

Dr. Roy Beacham from Central Baptist Theological Seminary will present this year's Walton Lecture Series on the topic of "Those Pesky Prophets: Toward a Clearer Understanding of Old Testament Prophecy."

Commencement Services

May 8, 9

Join graduates, family, and friends for our special Commencement events.