Meet Rachel Walter


Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa
Major: Elementary Education
Year: Sophomore

Did you get a chance to visit campus before you enrolled?
 I did have the chance to stay on campus for visitor weekends and such several times. I loved visiting, and staying in the dorms with the students was an awesome opportunity.

How was your overall experience with the Admissions Department?
I love the Admissions staff! They are so helpful and caring:from the very first time I started looking into applications and such, the staff learned my name and made such an effort to get to know me and to know what is going on in my life!

How was it transitioning from a homeschool environment to the classroom setting here at Faith?
The transition could not have gone any smoother. I was a little nervous about learning the requirements for my new classes, but the teachers and professors did everything possible to make the transition an easy one.

What was the transition like from visitor to student? Did it take you a while to start to fit in?
The first few weeks I had to keep reminding myself that I was not a visitor:I was a student. Once I got settled and started getting to know my classmates and forming friendships, though, it really became fun! Because you are spending most of your time with these students, you are able to form friendships quickly and share and encourage each other!

What are your favorite parts about being a student so far at Faith?
I enjoy spending so much time pursing a deeper knowledge of the Bible. It's so neat to be able to learn more about the Bible and yet be doing my school work at the same time! I love how caring the professors are, and how encouraging the friendships that I have made are to me.


Spring Chorale Tour

March 6–15

Attend one of the Chorale's concerts in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

Spring Chorale Concert

March 20

Join us on the Faith campus for the annual spring Chorale concert.

Scholarship Weekend

March 19-21

For seniors who have applied to Faith. Get to know Faith personnel and interview for substantial scholarships.

Faith Pulpit Day

March 30

This years Faith Pulpit Day will explore exposition in preaching, in theology, and in counseling.

Student Leadership Summit

April 16-18

Evangelist Will Galkin and Dr. Paul Hartog will help teens confront their culture rather than conform to it.