The purpose and the mission of Faith are expressed in our school motto—With the Word to the World. Faith exists to equip students to communicate the message of Christ around the world. In keeping with that goal, Faith has initiated a minor in Communications. This new minor will give you advanced training in oral, written, electronic, and visual communications to enable you to be more effective in communicating the message of Christ.

Faith’s new minor includes these specialized communications courses.

• Intro to Communication

• Public Speaking

• Computer Applications

• Business Communications

• Media in Ministry

• Cross-Cultural Communication

• Advanced Writing

• Creative Writing

• Writing for Publications


Since communication is such a vital part of ministry, you will be able to use your training in a variety of ways.

• Oral Communications—speaking in church educational ministries, men's and women's meetings, retreats, radio ministries

• Written Communicaions—writing for weekly church bulletins, Christian magazines, church educational curriculum, religious articles in newspapers

• Electronic Communications—writing for personal and public blogs, web pages, social media

• Visual Communications—preparing PowerPoint slides, videos, graphics

In our media-driven age, you will have many opportunities to use your communications skills to serve the Lord.

No matter where you serve in a church, this training will be useful and valuable to you.


Consider pursuing this new minor at Faith to prepare yourself to take the Word to the World. Contact our Admissions Department at 1.888.FAITH.4.U for more details.




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