Speaking and writing well are important skills for success in life and ministry. The Secondary English Education program at Faith equips you to help high schoolers excel in these two areas. Through courses in literature, advanced grammar, and writing, you will be prepared to enter the secondary classroom with confidence and make a different in students' lives. Your work has the added benefit of helping students communicate God's Word clearly to others

Core Courses in the Education Program

• Education Seminar
• Educational Technology
• Foundations of Education
• Human Relations for Teachers
• Clinical Practice Seminar I, II, III, IV

• The Exceptional Learner
• Student Teaching Seminar
• Praxis: Theory to Practice
• Student Teaching

Specialized Courses in the Secondary Education Program

• Secondary Methods and Materials
• Adolescent Growth and Development
• Adolescent Literature
• World Literature
• Advanced Grammar and Linguistics
• American Masterpieces

• English Masterpieces I and II
• Creative Writing
• Senior Writing
• Teaching Secondary English/Language Arts
• Content Area Reading in the Secondary

At Faith you can also earn the K-12 Coaching Endorsement. You will need to take additional credit hours for these endorsements. These courses are offered during regular semesters at times convenient for both students and instructor.

• Foundations of Coaching    
• Sports Physiology   

• Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries    
• Human Growth and Development

Christian School Program Admission
Official admission into the Christian School program is required at the end of your sophomore year. Your faculty advisor will help you through the process and inform you of the criteria required for admission.

State Licensing
The Christian School Program at Faith is approved by the Iowa Department of Education so that the graduates are eligible to receive the state's initial license for teaching in public or Christian schools. This program requires a 14-week student teaching experience in the student's last semester.


Faith Chorale Spring Concert

March 17

The Faith Chorale will present its annual spring concert March 17 at 7:00 pm. This concert will be held in the Nettleton Center.

Spring Alumni Dessert Fellowship

March 27, 7 pm

Join us for a time of fellowship with old classmates, and hear what's new at Faith.

Instrumental Spring Concert

April 7

The Faith Instrumental Ensembles will present their annual spring concert April 7 at 7:00 p.m. This concert will be held in the Nettleton Center.