Courses in the Sacred Music Program

M-MU 101 Music Theory I (3) A thorough study of music fundamentals including pitch notation, clefs, scales, key signatures, intervals, triads and their inversions, rhythmic notation, and beginning four-part vocal writing.  The study of intervallic and melodic dictation and sight-singing (solfeggio) are also included. Time is spent encouraging students to develop a Biblical standard of music for their personal lives.

M-MU 102 Music Theory II (3) A review of primary triads and their inversions, the study of secondary triads, their inversions, melodic harmonization, non-chord tones, diatonic seventh chords, and writing for the piano. Common-practice period writing is analyzed. Aural skills (sight-singing, dictation) and keyboard proficiency skills will also be continued. Prerequisite: M-MU 101 Music Theory I

M-MU 201 Music Theory III (3) A study of seventh chords and diatonic modulation, secondary dominants, chromatic modulation, borrowed chords, and the Neapolitan. Extensive study of aural skills, analysis, and sight-singing continue. Prerequisite: M-MU 102 Music Theory II

M-MU 202 Music Theory IV (3) A study of additional modulation techniques, augmented sixth chords, modes, impressionist techniques, and 20th century harmonic techniques. Continued development of aural skills is stressed, with a strong emphasis on analysis, sight-singing, and dictation. The student will also produce three original compositions. Prerequisite: M-MU 201 Music Theory III

M-MU 203 Music History I (3) A survey of the historical development of Western art music from ancient civilizations through the Baroque era, within the framework of a Biblical worldview. Offered alternate years.

M-MU 204 Music History II (3) A survey of the historical development of Western art music from the pre-classical era to the present, within the framework of a Biblical worldview. Offered alternate years. Prerequisite: M-MU 203 Music History I

M-MU 303 Elementary Conducting (3) An introduction to basic conducting techniques (patterns, fermatas, releases, cues) for choral and instrumental groups. Application of conducting skills to achieve a desired style, mood, tempo. dynamics, and interpretation is also covered. Score preparation is discussed. Offered alternate years.

M-MU 304 Advanced Conducting (3) A continuation of Elementary Conducting (M-MU 303), designed to sharpen the skills already acquired and to develop an ability to communicate the more subtle nuances of music through stylistic conducting. Rehearsal and platform procedures and advanced score preparation are discussed. Exposure to instrument conducting will be given. Offered alternate years. Prerequisite: M-MU 303 Elementary Conducting

M-MU 305 Church Music Administration (3) Instruction to help music leaders and pastors in organizing and administering the total church music program. The formulation of a Scriptural philosophy of sacred music is emphasized. Offered alternate years.

M-MU 307 Music Philosophy Seminar (0) A 3-4 week course primarily for Music Education majors. It covers analysis and discussion of sacred music philosophies with a view to formulating a Scriptural philosophy of sacred music. Class is graded on a pass/fail basis. Offered alternate years.

M-MU 308 Choral Methods (3) A study of choral methods and materials for all choirs (children through adult). Choral programming is also discussed.

M-MU 312 Instrumental Ensemble Methods (3) Practical training in the development and leadership of instrumental ensembles in the church and school. Instrumental ranges, transpositions, and timbres are emphasized, along with methods and materials for ensembles and soloists.

M-MU 400 Music Internship (0) An in-service course in cooperation with local churches. The student works with an established minister of music and/or pastor to gain practical experience throughout an entire school year or summer. Prerequisite: the first 3 years of the Music Ministries Program

M-MU 406 Sacred Choral Literature (2) A survey of sacred choral literature from the Renaissance to the present. Through listening and analysis, stylistic features of works are observed and discussed. Prerequisite: M-MU 203 and 204 Music History I and II

M-MU 411 Hymnology (3) A historical study of the origins, development, and purposes of hymns of the Christian faith. Popular current hymnals are examined and analyzed. Offered alternate years.

M-MU 412 Choral Writing and Arranging (2) Teaches techniques for writing and arranging choral music for various voice combinations. Prior knowledge of music theory and music history will enable the student to write with stylistic consistency, considering the character of the musical material. Prerequisite: M-MU 202 Music Theory IV.

Ensemble (M-MU)
Ensemble participation is required for those with a music major or emphasis. All ensembles are taken for credit at no additional charge. All participants must commit to the high standards of the group (including the year-long commitment), whether the course is taken for credit or not.

M-MU 121, 122 Chorale (1 per semester) An organization of approximately 40 voices selected after audition before the choral faculty. Acceptability based upon good voice quality and musicianship (with a high priority on sight-reading). Exposure is given to varied types and styles of sacred choral literature. All members make a year-long commitment to the organization and participate in the Christmas concert, spring tour, spring concert, commencement activities, and a limited number of weekend performances before credit is given.

M-MU 125, 126 Handbell Ensemble (1 per semester) An organization of students selected after audition before the music faculty. Acceptability is based upon ability to read music well, along with good rhythmic skills. Ensemble members make a year-long commitment and participate in all scheduled events.

M-MU 127, 128 Concert Band/Orchestra (1 per semester) Open to all students on the basis of audition. Members make a year-long commitment and are involved in chapel, Bible and Missions conferences, Christmas concert, spring concert, commencement activities, and a limited number of ministry assignments, on and off campus, throughout the year.

Applied Lessons (M-MA)
Music lessons are given to those who are in the Music Ministries program or who have an emphasis in music ministries. Others who desire private lessons should confer with the music faculty before registering for lessons. All applied lessons students are required to practice 5-8 hours per week for each 25-30 minute lesson.
M-MA 060, 061 Piano Class (1) A course of 2 to 5 students for the beginning piano player. Easy keyboard technique and scales are studied. After achieving a satisfactory level of facility, private piano lessons are allowed. Offered upon demand. Prerequisite: Instructor's permission

M-MA 151 Voice Class (1) A basic study in the applied art of singing with special emphasis on a music ministry. The fundamentals of vocal production including posture, breathing, tone, quality, and diction are stressed. Sacred and standard repertoire are used. Offered upon demand. Prerequisite: Instructor's permission

M-MA 161, 162 Piano (1) Private instruction that enables students to develop and refine piano playing skills. Students study classical and sacred music, as well as technique and music theory. Prerequisite: Piano audition and instructor's permission

M-MA 171, 172 Organ (1) Private instruction offering training as a church organist. Sacred and standard music for the instrument are studied to develop techniques needed for service playing, accompaniment, and registration. Prerequisite: Fourth-grade level piano ability, proficiency in major and minor scales, technical studies, sonatas and hymn stylings plus instructor's permission

M-MA 181, 182 Voice (1) Private instruction guiding the student in the development of legitimate singing skills for a ministry of spiritual song. An attitude of sacred stewardship is cultivated in the care and proper use of the voice with attention given to posture, breathing, tone production, agility, diction, phrasing, and poise as aids to effectively communicating spiritual truth in song.

M-MA 191, 192 Instrument (1) Private instruction on an orchestral/band instrument with a view to its use in Christian ministry. Hymn and gospel song stylings and standard repertoire are used to develop the student's skills. Prerequisite: Audition and instructor's permission


Faith Chorale Spring Concert

March 17

The Faith Chorale will present its annual spring concert March 17 at 7:00 pm. This concert will be held in the Nettleton Center.

Spring Alumni Dessert Fellowship

March 27, 7 pm

Join us for a time of fellowship with old classmates, and hear what's new at Faith.

Instrumental Spring Concert

April 7

The Faith Instrumental Ensembles will present their annual spring concert April 7 at 7:00 p.m. This concert will be held in the Nettleton Center.