Courses in the Pastoral Training Department

M-PT 202 Introduction to Homiletics (2) Introduces students to preaching, the preacher, the audience, and basic elements of the sermon with concentration on expository preaching. Prerequisite: G-CO 205 Introduction to Communication and concurrent enrollment in G-CO 206 Public Speaking

M-PT 203 Church Administration (3) An advanced study of the organization, administration, and supervision of the total church program as it relates to the responsibilities of the pastor. Attention is also given to various leadership styles.

M-PT 204 Pastoral Theology (3) A study of the principles and policies involved in conducting pastoral work. Attention is given to the qualifications, call, and conduct of a pastor. Suggested methods are presented for the conduct of public worship, funerals, weddings, baptisms, and the Lord's Supper. Careful study is made of the pastor's private and business life, his study, and his management of church problems.

M-PT 301 Homiletics I (3) Basic principles necessary for the preparation and delivery of sermons. The various parts of a sermon, such as subject, theme, introduction, proposition, divisions, development, and conclusion are studied thoroughly. Prerequisites: M-PT 202 Introduction to Homiletics

M-PT 302 Homiletics II (3) Gives students the opportunity to prepare and deliver sermons. All messages are recorded for review and evaluation. Prerequisite: M-PT 301 Homiletics I

M-PT 304 Pastoral Counseling (2) Gives the prospective pastor and Christian worker a better understanding of people's personal problems and complicated social relationships and how to meet these situations effectively from the Word of God. Prerequisite: G-SS 102 Introduction to Psychology and Counseling

M-PT 306 Preaching to Youth (3) An examination of the elements of clear, practical, Biblical communication to teenagers. The principles taught in class will be practiced by the students in real-life situations. Students will be critiqued by their professor, their peers, and their audience. Prerequisite: M-PT 301 Homiletics I

M-PT 400 Pastoral Internship (0) A required ministry course for all pastoral students to be done after the completion of the third full year in the program. The student will work under a successful pastor or assistant pastor in a local church as approved by the program chair. The supervising pastor submits periodic evaluations of the student's ministry, and the student keeps records and completes assignments by both the pastor and the instructor of the course.

M-PT 401 Serving on the Pastoral Staff (2) A study of theology of the local church, giving particular attention to the theology of the pastoral office and the outworking of this theology in local church ministry. The course is designed to prepare the student to work effectively as part of a pastoral staff (e.g., education pastor, youth pastor, minister of music), or as part of a field council on the mission field.

M-PT 602 Current Issues in Church Ministry (2) A seminar level course that offers individual research and open discussion, dealing with such matters as worship, discipline, music, church crises, church autonomy, and legal matters.


Faith Chorale Spring Concert

March 17

The Faith Chorale will present its annual spring concert March 17 at 7:00 pm. This concert will be held in the Nettleton Center.

Spring Alumni Dessert Fellowship

March 27, 7 pm

Join us for a time of fellowship with old classmates, and hear what's new at Faith.

Instrumental Spring Concert

April 7

The Faith Instrumental Ensembles will present their annual spring concert April 7 at 7:00 p.m. This concert will be held in the Nettleton Center.