Music Education Programs

If you sense the Lord leading you to use your musical talents in a school setting, you can choose training for an elementary school, a secondary school, or both. These programs combine music theory and practical training to equip you to teach vocal and instrumental music. The solid Bible education you receive in these programs helps you establish and lead a music program that honors the Lord.

Faith offers three options in the Music Education program.
• Grades K-8 (five-year)
• Grades 5-12 (five-year)
• Grades K-8 and 5-12 (five-year)

Core Courses in the Music Education Program
Music Courses

• Music Theory I, II, III, IV
• Music History I, II
• Elementary Conducting
• Advanced Conducting
• Choral Methods
• Instrumental Ensemble Methods

• String Methods
• Woodwind Methods

• Brass Methods
• Percussion Methods
• Music Philosophy Seminar
• Teaching Elementary Music
• Teaching Secondary Music
• Applied Lessons
• Ensemble

Education Courses

• Education Seminar I and II
• Clinical Practice Seminar I, II, III, IV
• Foundations of Education
• Human Relations for Teachers
• The Exceptional Learner

• Praxis: Theory to Practice
• Student Teaching Seminar
• Student Teaching
• Elementary Reading Methods (K-8)
• Content Area Reading (5-12)


Areas of Proficiency
All music majors are required to have both a primary and secondary applied music proficiency. The primary proficiency will be voice, piano, organ, or an orchestral instrument. The secondary proficiency will be determined by the student's primary proficiency as follows:







Orchestral Instrument 



Music Application
If you desire to enter one of the music programs, you will need to submit an additional music application form, have an audition before one of the Music Department faculty, and take the Music Theory Diagnostic Test before final acceptance into the program. Contact the Admissions Office or the Music Department for details.

State Licensing
The Christian School Program at Faith, which includes the Music Education program, is approved by the Iowa Department of Education so that the graduates are eligible to receive the state's initial license for teaching in public or Christian schools. This program requires a 14-week student teaching experience in the student's last semester.


Scholarship Weekend

March 17–19

High School seniors: spend a weekend at Faith interviewing for scholarships.

Student Leadership Summit

April 14–16

Hear Carl Kerby and Dr.Jonathan Sarfati address the theme of Creation: The Great Debate.