Programs in the Local Church Ministries Department

The purpose of any church ministry is discipleship. The Local Church Ministries Department specializes in equipping students to be disciple-makers in their churches. Students in this department learn how to make disciples through the Sunday School and other church programs, through women's ministries, and through Biblical counseling. Discipleship is a great need in churches today. If you desire to help people become fully devoted followers of Christ, consider becoming part of the Local Church Ministries program at Faith.

Faith offers five options in the Local Church Ministries program:
• Local Church Ministries major with a Biblical Counseling minor
• Local Church Ministries major with a Christian Education minor
• Local Church Ministries major with a Missions minor
• Local Church Ministries major with a Music minor
• Local Church Ministries major with a Women's Ministry minor

Core Courses in the Local Church Ministries Department

• Introduction to Local Church Ministries
• Principles of Bible Teaching

• Christian Education of Children

Biblical Counseling Minor
Counseling people from a Biblical perspective is a major need in churches today. Sunday School teachers, youth leaders, and women's ministry leaders have many opportunities to counsel people and help them find answers to the problems of life. Combine your Local Church Ministries major with this intensive study of Biblical counseling to enable you to help people develop as disciples of the Christ.
Specialized Courses in the Biblical Counseling Minor

• Foundations of Biblical Counseling
• Methods of Biblical Counseling
• Counseling Children
• Crisis Counseling

• Counseling Adolescents
• Ministry to the Aging
• Marriage and Family Counseling
• Biblical Counseling Practicum

Christian Education Minor
Churches today are in great need of men and women to lead church ministries. This minor not only gives you the skills to teach people successfully in Sunday School and other ministries, but it also trains you how to lead these ministries. Students who graduate with this minor are well qualififed in how to lead Sunday School and other church programs. This minor prepares you for a lifetime of effective service in your church.
Specialized Courses in the Christian Education Minor

• Administering Christian Education
• Christian Education of Adults

• Ministry Media

Missions Minor
A large part of mission work is teaching people. After you win people to Christ and start a church, you need to teach them what the Bible says. In many situations you will teach them through Sunday School, women's classes, and children's meetings. In this minor you gain important training in missions and education so you are prepared to lead these teaching ministries and help people become disciples of Christ.
Specialized Courses in the Missions Minor

• MAP Seminar
• Current Issues in Missions
• Non-Christian Religions
• Readings in Missiology
• Sharing in Jewish Culture

• Survey of World Missions
• International Students Ministry
• Cross Cultural Communications
• Cults
• Missions Seminar

Music Minor
Many churches today lack good musicians. A person who can lead in educational and musical ministries is a valuable asset to a church. With this minor you can be an effective teacher in children, youth, or adult programs, and you can fill an important role in the church's music program. The music training in this minor will equip you to lead congregational singing as well as children's and youth choirs.  
Specialized Courses in the Music Minor

• Music Theory I and II
• Elementary Conducting
• Advanced Conducting
• Church Music Administration

• Choral Methods
• Hymnology
• Applied Music
• Ensemble


Women's Ministry Minor
Women's ministry is a growing part of church work today. Many churches have women's Bible studies and special outreach events for women. Choosing this minor will help you lead effective women's ministries in your church. You will learn how to plan a women's program, prepare devotions and Bible studies for women, and mentor other women. In essence, you will learn how to make disciples.
Specialized Courses in the Women's Ministry Minor

• Women's Ministry Foundations
• Women's Ministry Programming

• Mentoring Women
• Devotional Preparation for Women



Faith Pulpit Day

March 30

This year's Faith Pulpit Day will focus on exposition in theology, preaching, and counseling.

Faith Missions Conference

March 30-April 3

Finish My Work is the theme of this year's Missions Conference.

Spring Instrumental Concert

April 10

Join us for a concert of sacred and classical music presented by the Faith Community Orchestra and Handbells.

Student Leadership Summit

April 16-18

Evangelist Will Galkin and Dr. Paul Hartog will help teens confront their culture rather than conform to it.

Chorale Concert at IRBC

April 18

The Chorale will present a special concert at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp for people in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota.

Commencement Weekend

May 7, 8

Find a full schedule of the 2015 commencement weekend events.