Institutional Goals and Purposes

Faith has expectations that its students grow and develop in the following three areas:
   • Content: what the student knows and understands (including convictions),
   • Character: what the student is and is becoming, and
   • Competencies: what the student is able to do.

The following goals and purposes reflect these expectations.
1. The student should evidence a comprehensive working knowledge of the Bible and of the great systematic truths of Scripture by
    a. successfully completing required courses in Bible and theology;
    b. evidencing acceptable progress in Bible and doctrinal content exams;
    c. demonstrating the ability to apply Scripture in life's situations and in Christian service
        opportunities, practicums, and internships; and
    d. successfully completing Bible-related capstone exams or experiences.
2. The student should evidence an understanding of and appreciation for our Baptist heritage, including a thorough knowledge of the history and distinctives of fundamentalist Baptists by
    a. successfully completing the course A History of Baptist Faith and Practice;
    b. accurately responding to relevant questions in Senior Seminar or Systematic
       Theology; and
    c. aligning with and becoming involved in a fundamental Baptist church.
3. The student should evidence an awareness of and commitment to God's worldwide program of fulfilling the Great Commission by
    a. successfully completing required courses in evangelism, missions, and
        missions-related courses;
    b. being consistently involved in evangelism and ministry to people;
    c. supporting local church programs for world evangelism;
    d. gaining exposure to a variety of cross-cultural settings, including (when possible),
        short-term, cross-cultural ministries; and
    e. participating in missions prayer groups, the Missions Conference, and other
        missions-related activities on and off campus.
4. The student should evidence an understanding of general education content as it relates to life and ministry and the ability to evaluate it according to Biblical truth by
    a. successfully completing required general education courses;
    b. articulating within these general education courses principles that relate Biblical truth
        and human knowledge;
    c. incorporating and applying knowledge gained to work situations, ministry, and
        interpersonal relationships, as evidenced by successful completion of Christian
        service, practicums, and internships; and
    d. demonstrating successful competency levels on capstone exams related to studies
        in the general education component.
5. The student should evidence ability to serve Christ effectively by
    a. successfully completing required professional courses (i.e., courses from his field
        of study);
    b. successfully completing required courses in oral and written communication;
    c. successfully completing required Christian service, practicums, and internships; and
    d. satisfactorily responding to ministry-related scenarios on the program capstone exam.
6. the student should evidence a Christian value system that is reflected in Christian character, attitudes, decisions, and actions by
    a. demonstrating a servant's attitude that is positive, responsible, supportive, and
        edifying, as determined by Christian service participation, practicums, and internship
    b. responding to scenarios, such as those found on the Defining Issues Test, in ways
        that reflect moral judgments and values desired for Christian leaders; and
    c. responding satisfactorily to ministry-related scenarios on the program capstone exam.


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