Historic Position Statement

In its earliest days, the school was a nondenominational Bible institute. However, in 1945 the school aligned itself with the American Council of Christian Churches, and in 1953 it added the word Baptist to its name. It began offering degrees in 1960 and at that time declared itself a Bible college. In 1986 a graduate school was added.
For more than half a century, the school has held a fundamental, separatist, dispensational Baptistic position. It has been known for its conservative stand throughout this period of time and has not wavered from it. The school has always held to the fundamentals of the faith: the inspiration, infallibility, and inerrancy of the Scripture; and the virgin birth, deity, substitutionary death, bodily resurrection, and visible, imminent return of Christ. The school has always been known for teaching personal separation from the world in dress code, music, and personal entertainment. Since the 1950s, the school has taught secondary ecclesiastical separation, has unashamedly identified itself as Baptist, and has willingly stood for the historic Baptist position. It has been the intent of the school to provide an anchor for those who agree with this stand. At the same time, the school's first allegiance has been to Christ and the Bible and not to ecclesiastical organizations or fellowships. It has also been reaffirmed by the Board, the administration, and the faculty that the objective of the school is to train men and women for leadership positions in Christian service in keeping with its declaration as a Bible college and seminary.

As times and trends have changed, the school has sought to maintain a consistent conservative position. Position papers by the faculty reflect the stand of the school on various issues. Among these are reaffirmation of the traditional view of dispensationalism which has consistently been taught at this school, assertion that God has a specific will for each believer, rejection of Lordship salvation, affirmation of a noncharismatic position, and an emphasis on God-honoring, conservative music.

The Board of Directors of Faith has affirmed the historical position of the school as our continuing commitment. It is our earnest desire to maintain our historical purpose and tradition and to continue to train students to be leaders in fundamentalist Christianity. We intend to stand for the great principles of Bible-believing Christianity, our separatist Baptist heritage, and the authority of the inerrant Word of God. While many educational institutions are softening their stand and broadening their fellowship to be more inclusive, we intend to militantly honor Christ and the purity of the Church, even if we must do so independently.

We praise God for the help and support of our many friends who also hold to these principles. Many independent Baptist churches and individuals have expressed an interest in Faith because of our strong stand for Biblical truth. We invite these brethren to stand with us in these critical times. We believe in the power of God, but we also know that He uses faithful men and women as they stand together to fulfill His will. In keeping with this perspective, the Board has extended membership to men who agree with this position and are members of fundamental, separatist, Baptist churches.


Faith Pulpit Day

March 30

This year's Faith Pulpit Day will focus on exposition in theology, preaching, and counseling.

Faith Missions Conference

March 30-April 3

Finish My Work is the theme of this year's Missions Conference.

Spring Instrumental Concert

April 10

Join us for a concert of sacred and classical music presented by the Faith Community Orchestra and Handbells.

Student Leadership Summit

April 16-18

Evangelist Will Galkin and Dr. Paul Hartog will help teens confront their culture rather than conform to it.

Chorale Concert at IRBC

April 18

The Chorale will present a special concert at the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp for people in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota.

Commencement Weekend

May 7, 8

Find a full schedule of the 2015 commencement weekend events.